The first public issue of VISA cash cards was made in New Zealand in early February 2000 at the new Westpactrust Sports Stadium in central Wellington. The first issue was a single $20 disposable card available from the stadium itself and two Westpactrust banks in central Wellington. The card was for use at the stadium for all purchases of food and drinks from the various outlets within the building itself. We understand that the next cards will be a $50 disposable card and a reloadable card.

VISAcNZ1.jpg (10306 bytes)

Front of card

VISAcNZ1back.jpg (16145 bytes)

Reverse of card

The design on the card is called "Wild moments in Sport - No#1 The Underarm Incident" This relates to the famous time in 1981 when the Australian cricket team bowled an underarm ball to the New Zealand batsman Brian McKechnie rather than risk him hitting a six and drawing the game on the very last ball.

Please Note: We do not yet have examples of this card for sale in either used or unused condition but hope to do so within a reasonable time.

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