The 2005 British and Irish Lions Rugby tour of New Zealand commenced on the 4th of june 2005 and consists of a series of 11 games played throughout New Zealand.

Both New Zealand Post and an Alternative Postal Carrier Universal Mail New Zealand issued stamps for the tour. The New Zealand Post set of 4 stamps features self-adhesive free form designs in Rugby Jersey shapes. The Universal Mail International stamps featuring flags of the Home countries involved comprised a single strip of 5 different $1.50 self-adhesive stamps. These stamps are fully valid for postage on mail going overseas with the $1.50 rate being that for postcards or aerograms sent to any overseas country. The Universal mail stamps were produced in a limited edition of 5000 sets with most outlets sold out before the tour began.

RNZPost45cSheet.jpg (101325 bytes)

2005 TOUR 1.    Pair of two sheets of NZ Post Tour stamps MUH (Only 45 cent values shown)   Price US$35

Note: Both 45 cent and $1.50 sheets comprise 24 stamps comprising 12 pairs on each sheet

RNZPostMset.jpg (32433 bytes)

2005 TOUR 2.    Set of 4 NZ Post Tour stamps MUH    Price US$3

RNZPostBureauFDC.jpg (79880 bytes)

2005 TOUR 3.    FDC of Set of 4 NZ Post Tour stamps with Bureau pictorial postmark    Price US$4

RNZPostChFDC.jpg (76853 bytes)

2005 TOUR 4.    FDC of Set of 4 NZ Post Tour stamps with Christchurch postmark    Price US$4

Rmaxia.jpg (23979 bytes)

Rmaxib.jpg (23895 bytes)

Rmaxic.jpg (18418 bytes)

Rmaxid.jpg (21192 bytes)

2005 TOUR 5.     First Day Set of 4 NZ Post Tour stamp maxicards.   Price US$8

Note: These postcards are also postally valid postal stationery cards as they have a imprint on the reverse qualifying them for world wide postage paid. The imprint design shows a rugby jersey.

RNZPost45cTourpcFDI.jpg (55386 bytes)

2005 TOUR 6.     First Day of 45 cent NZ Post Tour stamps on Tour postcard.   Price US$3

RNZPostTourpcFDI.jpg (64601 bytes)

2005 TOUR 7.     First Day of NZ Post Tour stamps set on Tour postcard.   Price US$5

RUmailStripM.jpg (99470 bytes)

2005 TOUR 8.     Mint set of Universal Mail Tour stamps.   Price US$8



Note: Only 5000 sets of these stamps were produced and they sold out from Universal Mail before the tour opened. 


RUniversalcvrstripRotorua.jpg (93248 bytes)

2005 TOUR 9.    Full strip of Universal Mail Tour stamps on first day of tour cover.   Price US$10

Note: The above cover is postmarked at Rotorua which was the venue of the first game of the tour. It is also dated 4th june which is the date of the first day. There was no actual first day of issue of the Universal Mail stamps.

RUniversalcvrsetRotorua.jpg (107835 bytes)

2005 TOUR 10.    Set of Universal Mail Tour stamps on first day of tour cover.   Price US$10

RLionsRotoruapc.jpg (51840 bytes)

2005 TOUR 11.   Universal Mail Tour stamps on first day of tour postcard.   Price US$5

Note: The above postcard has had the game results added by rubber stamp cachet at top left. We can offer a set of postcards from each of the 11 game venues during the tour. The cards which are similar to the above design have a variety of Universal Mail and New Zealand post stamps used on them.

2005 TOUR 11a.   Set of 11 Tour postcards postmarked at different venues.   Price US$50

LionsSuppsinSquare.jpg (39528 bytes)

Shown at left are British Lions Rugby supporters in Christchurch's Cathedral Square with a large All Black in Haka pose in the background.

During the tour these large statues appeared throughout the country.

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