Govtbuildpc.jpg (14022 bytes)

1994 Government building

Marilynpc.jpg (14411 bytes)

1993 Antique Show

Moonwalkpc.jpg (16336 bytes)

1994 Stamp Show

The above 3 cards are all mint private overprint designs on existing Telecom New Zealand cards.

Price US$10 each

Cookpc.jpg (14098 bytes)

SmarTel remote

The above remote memory phonecard was issued by SmarTel New Zealand exclusively for New Zealand Post. The call value was decided on when purchasing and accordingly encoded by NZ Post staff members.

Price US$5

(B) USA cards

"Liberty Cash" cards

LibertyCash$20.jpg (13212 bytes)

$20 Space Shuttle design

LibertyCashpc.jpg (14868 bytes)

$10 Liberty

LibertyCash$20st.jpg (14220 bytes)

$20 Liberty

Note: these cards are issued by the US Postal Service. They are used for purchasing a variety of products from the Postal Service. Price US$5 each.


Hawaiistamppc.jpg (15236 bytes)

10 Units Kamehameha 1

This is a remote memory phonecard isued for use in Hawaii.

Price US$5

(C) NAURU cards

Naurubirdpc.jpg (10562 bytes)

$10 White tern

Naurubird2pc.jpg (12320 bytes)

$20 Micronesian Pigeon

These magnetic swipe phonecards have their designs based on two previously issued Nauru postage stamps.

We can supply these cards in two versions.   Either fully encoded with value at US$ 25 pair

or unencoded at US $8 a pair.

(D) ISLE OF MAN cards

IsleofManstamppc.jpg (78932 bytes)

Manx Telecom Collector series set of 5 cards with matched serial numbers unused in folder.    US$30

This set shows a series of stamps showing comic Manx Postcard views from the first 33 years of the 20th century.

The folder is one of of 100 folders and all cards are numbered 1903

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