In December, 2001,  two Indonesian Scientists departed Jakarta with the blessing of the Indonesian President Mrs Megawati Sukarnoputri and a specially inscribed granite plaque for the first official Indonesian Antarctic Expedition. The Indonesian party travelled to the Australian Davis Antarctic Base on the Australian icebreaker "Aurora Australis" arriving there 13th February 2002. After a week at Davis engaged in UVB radiation science on photoplankton the Party returned to Hobart on the "Aurora Australis".

Indonesians.jpg (17593 bytes)

Pictured above are Dr Agus Supangat and Muhammad Lukman after returning on board the "Aurora Australis"

indonesiaAntpc.jpg (55309 bytes)

INDONESIA 1   2002 Signed airmail postcard from Expedition Team.     Price US$8

The reverse of the above postcard is shown at right. It has a special label issued by the team as well as their official cachet and a cachet from the vessel "Aurora Australis".

The postcard which bears two Indonesian stamps was postmarked by their expedition on arrival back in Jakarta, Indonesia.

indonesiaAntpcback.jpg (18889 bytes)

IndonesiaAntcind.jpg (17861 bytes)

INDONESIA 2       Indonesian Antarctic Expedition Cinderella unused.          Price US$2

The view at right shows Mr Michael Carr receiving a plaque from the President of Indonesia, President Megawati Sukarnaputri in February 2001 on behalf of the Australian Government.

Mr Muhammad Lukman (left), Dr Agus Supangat (right) with Michael Carr presented the plaque at Davis Station.

Indoceremonydavis.jpg (45295 bytes)

IndonesiaAntarctic03teampc.jpg (54745 bytes)

INDONESIA 3   2003 (March 20th) Signed airmail postcard from Expedition Team.     Price US$8

Note: the 2002-03 Indonesian team again comprised 2 scientists who worked at the Australian Davis and Mawson AAT Bases in January & February 2003 returning to Hobart on board the "Aurora Australis" on the 20th of March 2003. The above postcard  has an "Aurora Australis" ships cachet on the back and has been posted paquebot in Hobart.  Autographed by both expedition members.

--------   2003-04 EXPEDITION  --------

The 2003-04 Indonesian Antarctic Expedition comprised a single scientist who worked on marine biology on board the Australian icebreaker "Aurora Australis" during its voyage 4 from December 2003 until the 18th February 2004 when the vessel returned to Hobart. Much of the voyage time was spent around Heard Island where several new species were discovered and classified. The Expeditioneer involved was Utami R. Kadarwati who is shown at left along with the German Antarctic postal historian Klaus Arne Pedersen with the "Aurora Australis" in the background.

UtamiKlausAApic.jpg (43069 bytes)

Indonesia034pcDavis.jpg (52407 bytes)

INDONESIA 4   2004 (February 1st) Signed postcard from Davis Station.     Price US$10

Indonesia034pcDavisback.jpg (45846 bytes)

Note; The picture at left is the viewside of the above offered postcard.

It shows a picture of Mawson Base and photos of the 4 new AAT postmarks introducted in 2004.

Indonesia034pcAuroraA.jpg (60204 bytes)

INDONESIA 5   2004 (February 18th) Signed postcard posted Paquebot at Hobart.     Price US$8

Indonesia034pcAuroraAback.jpg (27633 bytes)

Note; The view at left is the picture side of the above picture postcard. It shows the "Aurora Australis" in thick ice.

Indonesia034cvra.jpg (65563 bytes)

INDONESIA 6   2004 (February 18th) Signed envelope posted Paquebot at Hobart.     Price US$8

Indonesia034cvrb.jpg (69927 bytes)

INDONESIA 7   2004 (February 18th) Signed envelope posted Paquebot at Hobart.     Price US$8

Note: this envelope only differs from the previous item by having a different "Aurora Australis" cachet applied at the bottom.

--------   2004-05 EXPEDITION  --------

The 2004-05 Indonesian Antarctic Expedition consisted of two scientists who joined the Australian Antarctic Research vessel "Aurora Australis" for its voyage 3 which was a Marine Science Expedition which departed Fremantle, Western Australia on the 23rd of December 2004. The two scientists involved were Lusia Manu and Pita Dwi.

IndonesiaAntDavis05.jpg (46885 bytes)

INDONESIA 8   2005 (February 15th) Signed postcard posted at Davis AAT Base.     Price US$8

The "Aurora Australis" had called at Davis Base 5th of February and stayed 2 days while it offloaded supplies and expeditioneers. The above postcard would have left Davis Base on the 20th February when a CASA aircraft departed to Casey AAT Base.

IndonesiaAntHobpaq05.jpg (60142 bytes)

INDONESIA 9   2005 (February 21st) Postcard posted Paquebot at Hobart.     Price US$5

The "Aurora Australis" had arrived in Hobart 17th February 2005. The above postcard bearing two Indonesian stamps has been posted Paquebot. The postcard has a small ships cachet on the front (at top left) and a large one on the reverse.

IndonesiaAntHob05.jpg (41716 bytes)

INDONESIA 10   2005 (February 28th) signed Postcard posted at Hobart.     Price US$8

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