The following covers are a selection which have been carried by helicopter over part or all of their journey. They are roughly in chronological order. Many of these covers we only have single examples.  

HeloUSA1947NYExp.jpg (30473 bytes)

HELI 1  1947 (January 6th) USA. Experimental Helicopter Service Mail  Newark -New York. Price US$8

Note: Backstamped New York Air Mail Field 6 Jan 1947 12 noon

HELI 1a  1947 (January 6th) USA. Experimental Helicopter Service Mail   New York-Newark. Price US$8

Note: this cover (Not illustrated) was flown on the reverse direction

HeloUS1953NYFF.jpg (37189 bytes)

HELI 2     1953 (June 8th) USA. First Scheduled flight Red Bank (N.J.) to Newark (N.J.).        Price US$5

HELI 2a  1953 (June 8th) USA. First Scheduled flight Ashbury Park (N.J.) to Newark (N.J.). Price US$5

HELI 2b  1953 (June 8th) USA. First Scheduled flight Trenton (N.J.) to Newark (N.J.).            Price US$5

Note: All three above are backstamped Newark, N.J. Air Mail Field June 8th)

HeloNZ1955Hiller12B.jpg (50415 bytes)

HELI 3  1955 (February 5th) First New Zealand Helicopter Flight Mail   Price US$10

Note: The above cover was carried in the first commercial helicopter in New Zealand. The first Helicopter flight in New Zealand had actually taken place in 1947 (Feb 23rd) by a helicopter from the USCG vessel "Northwind" at Dunedin.


Heli71UK.jpg (58858 bytes)

HELI 4    1971 (July 31) Army Air Day cover caried by 653 Squadron helicopter     Price US$3


Heli71Puma.jpg (48630 bytes)

HELI 5    1971 (September 29) Cover flown in Puma HC1 XW204 CA by RAF 33 Squadron.     Price US$3

Note: Carried on training flight from RAF Lyneham to RAF Odiham.     Information card enclosed plus postal marking on back.     

HeliGB74Eagles.jpg (51547 bytes)

HELI 6       1974 (April 19) Blue Eagles Army Air Corp cover        Price US$4

Note: carried on an aerobatic flight from Middle Wallop in a Westland Sioux AH 1.  

         HeliTaupo.jpg (28522 bytes)

HELI 7       1970 (January 9th) Cover carried from Taupo to Turangi        Price US$4

       HeliTaupo2.jpg (34429 bytes)

HELI 8       1970 (January 9th) Cover carried from Taupo to Turangi        Price US$6

Note: As previous item but specially designed envelope carried by  helicopter mail from Taupo to Turangi over the length of Lake Taupo

HeloGB1980cvr.jpg (55321 bytes)

HELI 9      1980 (April 11th) British Forces Cover carried by Wessex Mk. 11 XT.    Price US$4

Note: This cover has a pictorial postmark featuring a helicopter. Carried by helicopter from Hendon to South forecourt, Earls Court Exhibition centre.

HeloNZ1981RNZAFcvr.jpg (62806 bytes)

HELI 10     1981 (April 3rd) New Zealand RNZAF Iroquois flown cover.     Price US$5

Note: The above cover has a Hobsonville Air Force postmark and a cardboard information insert.

HeloGermany1991cvr.jpg (42133 bytes)

HELI 11  1991 (October 25th) Germany Pictorial Helicopter postmark of Sindelfingen.  Price US$2

HeloAustAA1990cvr.jpg (33702 bytes)

HELI 12      1990 (November 2nd) Helicopter flight to Davis Australian Antarctic Base   Price US$5 

Note: the above cover was carried from the Icebreaker "Aurora Australis" on its maiden voyage to the AAT Davis Base . With 2 extra cachets on reverse.

HeloDeanpc.jpg (64220 bytes)

HELI 13     1999 (December 17th)  Carried by American Bell 212 helicopter Price US$8

Note: Postcard of Vanda Station in Antarctica  carried on a Operation Deep Freeze Flight from McMurdo Base to the Wright Dry Valleys and return.  Posted at McMurdo Antarctic Base.           

DeanHeliflight.jpg (76063 bytes)

HELI 14    1999 (December 17th)  Carried by American Bell 212 helicopter Price US$8

Note: carried on same flight as above but posted through the New Zealand Post Office at Scott Base and with 2 base cachets.    

HeliIt2.jpg (62572 bytes)

HELI 15     1999 (January 5th) Flown Cape Roberts to Scott Base by Helicopter   Price US$8

Note: Cape Roberts was a International Ice drilling operation carried out on the Ross Ice shelf from 1998 to 2001. Helicopter support provided by Helicopters NZ Ltd.


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