There are a great many phonecards issued around the world and particularly in Japan which feature dinosaurs.

The selection offered below is what we had in stock on the day this page was constructed.

We normally will have the New Zealand and Australian sets in stock but the Japanese card selection will often vary as some cards are sighted only once.

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New Zealand set of 4 "Jurassic Park" Movie phonecards mint.                                    US$15

DinoAust$5.jpg (15968 bytes)

DinoAust$10.jpg (14884 bytes)

DinoAust$20.jpg (16992 bytes)

Australia set of three Australian Dinosaurs used.                                         US$8

DinoTaiwan1.jpg (17134 bytes)

DinoTaiwan2.jpg (14174 bytes)

DinoTaiwan3.jpg (15190 bytes)

DinoTaiwan4.jpg (14666 bytes)

China (Taiwan) set of 4 "Jurassic Park" Movie phonecards used.                    US$10.

DinoBelge1.jpg (13667 bytes)

Belgium single "Jurassic Park" Movie phonecard used.                                           US$3

DinoCzech1.jpg (11703 bytes)

Czech Republic 1993 Dinosaur Painting smart card.                                                     US$8


These are representitive of what we have in stock at any one given date.

DinoJap1.jpg (14594 bytes)

DinoJap2.jpg (10816 bytes)

DinoJap5.jpg (13375 bytes)

DinoJap6.jpg (13403 bytes)

DinoJap3.jpg (16450 bytes)

DinoJap4.jpg (17494 bytes)

DinoJap7.jpg (13950 bytes)

Various Japanese Dinosaur phonecards used.                                 US$5 each

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