Captain James Cook is often known as the world's greatest navigator. From humble beginnings he became the man that mapped and made known to the rest of the world the Pacific Ocean and the many lands and peoples it contained.

We present below only a small number of the many items which have been issued to celebrate this famous Englishman.  Some items chosen are more unusual items and we have listed only a few of the more common Cook stamps.

Aitutaki78.jpg (35376 bytes)

COOK 1    Aitutaki 1978 Hawaiian Artifacts of Cook sheet.               US$4

Aitutaki79.jpg (54223 bytes)

COOK 2      Aitutaki 1979 Cook death Bi-Centenary sheet.               US$4

Aust1970MS.jpg (46065 bytes)

COOK 3    Australia 1970 Cook Bicentenary imperf sheet as issued mint.             US$15

COOK 4              same as above but overprinted "ANPEX'70" sheet mint.               US$20

AustBankspse.jpg (41144 bytes)

COOK 5    Australia 1981 Pre-Stamp Envelope for Joseph Banks with   pictorial postmark.    US$4

Note; we have a selection of different Cook related postmarks available with this envelope.

Aust84FDC.jpg (25324 bytes)

COOK 6    Australia 1984 FDC for Cooks Cottage in Melbourne Botanical Gardens.          US$2

Aust88Cind.jpg (36540 bytes)

COOK 7        Australia 1988 Bi-Centenary Cinderella sheet         US$8

CookCambodia92.jpg (24559 bytes)

COOK 8  Cambodia 1992 Explorers set of 5 including Cook (shown above) complete mint.    US$4

CookCanadapair.jpg (37518 bytes)

COOK 9    Canada pair of Cook's discovery of Nootka Sound mint.           US$1

CookIs74Coinage.jpg (62152 bytes)

COOK 10   Cook Islands 1974 Silver Coinage sheet used first day.        US$25

Note: The above sheet shows coins which feature Cook and his vessels

CookIsl1976.jpg (23537 bytes)

COOK 11    Cook Islands 1976 Sheet with Cook and Benjamin Franklin mint.      US$10

CookIs1978.jpg (40299 bytes)

COOK 12    Cook Islands 1978 Bicentenary of Discovery of Hawaii sheet mint.     US$6

Cooks79tabs.jpg (107882 bytes)

COOK 13   Cook Islands 1978 250th Anniversary of birth used set with special Tabs.   US$10

Note the above stamps have a overprint in silver

CookIs1979.jpg (42458 bytes)

COOK 14    Cook Islands 1979 200th Anniversary of Death sheet mint.      US$5

CookIs1986.jpg (50529 bytes)

COOK 15 Cook Islands 1986 overprinted sheet mint.      US$10

COOK 16  New Zealand 1970 QSL card from Kaiapoi radio ham.       US$5

NZ1969set.jpg (34031 bytes)

COOK 17   New Zealand 1969 Cook Voyages Bicentenary set  mint.      US$8

NZ1969MS.jpg (45517 bytes)

COOK 18  New Zealand 1969 Cook Voyages Bicentenary sheet mint.       US$15

NZ76Artifacts.jpg (38811 bytes)

COOK 19   New Zealand 1976 Artifacts gathered by Cook set mint.       US$2

NZCind82.jpg (45270 bytes)

COOK 20 NZ 1983 pigeon post sheet showing Cook Statue in Christchurch mint.  US$3

NZCind82flimsey.jpg (12057 bytes)

COOK 21  NZ 1983 pigeon post local used on flimsey carried by pigeon     US$5

The flimsey is supplied in special envelope

Stampe83MS.jpg (36995 bytes)

COOK 22 NZ   "Stampex'83" Cinderella sheet including ship "Endeavour".   US$5

NZ1986Cookpmk.jpg (45390 bytes)

COOK 23    New Zealand 1986 cover with pictorial postmark showing portrait of Cook.    US$3

NZEndeavourpmk.jpg (39879 bytes)

COOK 24 NZ 1988 Scout Jamboree postmark on envelope featuring Cook's "Endeavour".  US$4

NZ1990CPSCind.jpg (35418 bytes)

COOK 25     New Zealand 1990 Cinderella sheet mint.         US$4

CookGisborne.jpg (63702 bytes)

COOK 26 NZ 1990 Endeavour stamp with pictorial Gisborne postmark on maxicard     US$4


CookCPS3.jpg (66875 bytes)

COOK 29 New Zealand 1996 Cook postmark on maxicard        US$4

NorfolkPSE1.jpg (33387 bytes)

COOK 30 Norfolk Island 1981 envelope celebrating Discovery during Cooks second voyage.     US$4

CoinNZ1969CaptCook.jpg (45897 bytes)

COOK 31  NZ 1969 commemorative dollar coin for Cook's Bi-Centenary.     US$10

CoinNZ1970MtCook.jpg (52158 bytes)

COOK 32  NZ 1970 commemorative dollar coin showing Mount Cook.     US$8

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