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Akademik Vernadsky is the former British Faraday Base. It was transferred to Ukraine management on 6th February,1996 following a joint agreement between the two nations. It is situated on Galindez Island, 5 km off the Antarctic Peninsula. Its nearest neighbour is the American Palmer Station 50 km away.

It houses 24 people maximum in summer and an average of 12 persons in winter.

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VERNADSKY 1   2000 (January 3rd) Akademik Sergey Vavilov cover cacheted at Vernadsky.  Price US$10

VavilovVernadskyback.jpg (18561 bytes)

The view at left shows the reverse of  the above cover and had three ship cachets on it as well as a receiving backstamp of christchurch of 24th January, 2000.

Boriscvr.jpg (53998 bytes)

VERNADSKY 2   2000 (January 14th) Akademik Boris Petrov cover cacheted at Vernadsky.  Price US$8

Vernadskybasepic.jpg (80431 bytes)

The picture at left shows the Post Office at Vernadsky Base.

The base itself is the oldest base in the Antarctic Peninsula area and this building plays its part in keeping up this old image!

WorldDiscvr7.jpg (59480 bytes)

VERNADSKY 3   2000 (January 15th) "World Discoverer" cover cacheted at Vernadsky.  Price US$8

VernadskyBasepicci.jpg (44761 bytes)

Another view of Vernadsky Base.

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