The following photos are from the 2003-04 season and have been taken by Scott F. Smith. We have larger size images of all these illustrations available on request. The illustrations are approximately in chronological order

Pole03S1.jpg (41418 bytes)

An interesting shot with the arch garage building in front and the old Dome station behind

Pole03S2.jpg (42268 bytes)

The old New South Wales (Australia) AASTO science building

Pole03S3.jpg (50516 bytes)

A close up of the Australian AASTO Observatory building. This is due for removal shortly.

Pole03S4.jpg (45692 bytes)

A remote mounted telescope part of the Australian South Pole Science Observatory

Pole03S5.jpg (38321 bytes)

AMANDA and other Science Buildings of the "Dark Sector" at the South Pole

Pole03S6.jpg (38502 bytes)

A different angled view of the "Dark Sector" Astronomical buildings

The illustration at right was taken inside the old Dome Station and shows how the dome houses a great many smaller buildings.

Here we see the start of the demolition of the "freeshy shack". Beer and Soda (Fizzy drink) was stored here. The Old Dome gym is next on the list for demolition.



Pole03S7.jpg (70320 bytes)
Pole03S8.jpg (61175 bytes)

While clearing out gear from the old Dome station various relics have been uncovered.

Pole03S9.jpg (59429 bytes)

Inside the Dome the weather often has its own patterns.

Pole03S10.jpg (55920 bytes)

A plywood sheet found inside the dome relates to the 1982 XD-03 Hercules crash

Pole03S11.jpg (40549 bytes)

A back view of the new Elevated Station taken in November 2003

Pole03S13.jpg (35927 bytes)

A typical South Pole view showing the nearly buried Dome Station.

Pole03S12.jpg (51337 bytes)

Main Street at the South Pole

Pole03S15.jpg (46206 bytes)

Another closer view of Main Street with the elevated station in the background with the silver "Beer Can" elevator/stairwell at left front.

Pole03S14.jpg (28889 bytes)

National Science Foundation Hercules Skier 63301. The original Navy aircraft XD-02 returns to the South Pole after rebuild.

Pole03S16.jpg (34903 bytes)

A closer view of Skier 63301 on the deck at the South Pole.  We understand that this aircraft was the one which later had a ski nose collapse in the Ford Range in Marie Byrd Land on December 4th.

Pole03S17.jpg (18280 bytes)

A view from November 23rd showing an Air Chile 747 chartered aircraft passing over the South Pole on a Antarctic Solar Eclipse flight from Chile.   It was chartered by Sky and Telescope magazine.  On that day a new record low temperature was recorded for that day's date at the South Pole. The new record low is now -42.9 (C) or 45.2 (F). The temperature was at about -40 below and then with the eclipse it dropped an additional 5 degrees.

Pole03S18.jpg (32837 bytes)

The Elevated Pole Station photographed 29th November, 2003

Pole03S19.jpg (38006 bytes)

An angular view showing the 3rd pod extensions on the right

03S20.jpg (40732 bytes)

A Twin Otter operated by Ken Borek Aviation alongside the elevated station. This aircraft was involved in an air sampling project.


03s21.jpg (60400 bytes)

The above view gives a good picture of progress by the end of November, 2003 with the third pod visible in the foreground


03s22.jpg (43064 bytes)

The first group of tourists for the 2003-04 season arrived by Twin Otter aircraft about midnight on the 4th of December. The 3 skiers on board were intending to ski back to Patriot Hills from the South Pole. Their aircraft is shown with the actual geographic South Pole marker sign in the foreground.


03s23.jpg (33271 bytes)

The three skiers about to start out from the South Pole  with their parachutes set out in front. Behind them can be seen various science buildings from the Astronomy dark sector


03s24.jpg (36485 bytes)

The skiers with a Twin Otter in the foreground.


03s25.jpg (29969 bytes)

The first of the skiers inflates his parachute.


pole163.jpg (44057 bytes)

A beautiful view of the elevated station taken in the 2nd week of December, 2003


pole164.jpg (36668 bytes)

The sleeping dorms which some old "polies" prefer to the new Elevated Station accomodation


pole165.jpg (44497 bytes)

The parking lot at South Pole showing  twin otter aircraft and cargo piles


pole166.jpg (45610 bytes)

A back view of the elevated station


pole182.jpg (36117 bytes)

The arrival of an English private Bell 407 helicopter on Tuesday 17th December was timed to co-incide with the centenary of the Wright Brothers historic flight of 1903.


pole183.jpg (35490 bytes)

A close up view of the Helicopter about to land.


pole184.jpg (42842 bytes)

A view of the helicopter with the ceremonial South Pole in the foreground.


pole187.jpg (62713 bytes)

The Bell 407 landed and crew meeting South Pole residents with the actual geographic South Pole marker shown in the left foreground.

pole188.jpg (31771 bytes)

The helicopter with the old Dome building behind and the new Elevated Station at right


pole191.jpg (38754 bytes)

A rear view of the helicopter also showing work continuing on the new pod of the Elevated Station.

pole193.jpg (41521 bytes)

A classic "hero shot" of the helicopter with the ceremonial South Pole and the ring of flags of nations.

Note: On the 20th of December news was received that this helicopter with both people on board crashed near Patriot Hills on its return. Both patients have been injured and were scheduled to be medevacued out to Punta Arenas in Southern Chile at the time this is being written. Check out our "Recent Antarctic News" page for updates.

pole222a.jpg (33709 bytes)

A great view of the telescopes of the science sector buildings with the new elevated station behind. Photo taken after xmas day in December 2003.

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