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Progress II is a Russian Federation Station in the Larsemann Hills not far from the Australian Davis Antarctic Base in East Antarcitca. It was opened in January 1989.

In early 2000 it had a staff of 16 people who had all been there for 18 months when they were finally relieved by the "Akademik Fedorov" The base consists of a number of buildings many of which are run down and also the unfinished modern accomodation block shown at left which has never been occupied.

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PROGRESS 1   2000 (December 22nd) Cover from Progress Station.     Price US$5

The markings at right are found on the reverse of the above envelope. They show that the envelope was originally from the nearby AAAT Law Base which doesn't itself have a postmark or Post Office. It also shows that the cover eventually reached Christchurch on the 13th March, 2001.

The envelope  travelled from Progress Base to Davis Base and then on the vessel "Aurora Australis" which left Davis on 25th February, 2001 and arrived at Hobart in Tasmania on 9th March, 2001.

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Photo David L. Harrowfield.

At left is the Galley and Mess Hut of Progress 2 Station.



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PROGRESS 2   2000 (December 22nd) Postcard from Progress Station.     Price US$5

Note: the markings at right are on the reverse of the above postcard and show the postcard travelled in the same mail and by the same method as the previous envelope.

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One of the "Tourist Attractions" at Progress Base is an abandoned Russian Mil 8 Helicopter as shown at left.

In winter the base is covered in snow but by late summer much of the area around the base is bare dirt or rock.

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