After a long period under Australian control the Law Base was found to be surplus to Australian requirements and after discussions with Romanian authorities who were looking for a permanent base it was decided to transfer the base to Romanian control.

The transfer happened on the 20th February, 2006 when Dr Tony Press, Director of the Australian Antarctic division handed over the key of the building to Teodor Negoita, the Director of the Romanian Polar Research Institute.

Shown at right is the key with attached plaque used to transfer ownership of the Base.

RumaniaKeys.jpg (92929 bytes)

Racovitacard1.jpg (56856 bytes)

RACOVITA 1.  2006 (FEBRUARY 20th) Special postcard for first day of the Base signed by Dr Negoita.      Price US$8

Note: the above postcard has 2 different Romanian Base cachets and the Romanian stamp is postmarked with a special first day of base postmark.

The Postcard has been signed by the Base Leader Dr Teodor Negoita who is shown at right.

Negotiapic.jpg (82946 bytes)

Racovitacard2.jpg (61460 bytes)

RACOVITA 2.   2006 (FEBRUARY 20th) Special postcard for first day of the Base signed by Dr Negoita.    Price US$8

Note: As a salute to Australia, the Romanian Postmark was also applied to Australian Antarctic Territory stamps just for ther first day of the Base Transfer. It is also understood that there were not enough suitable Rumanian stamps available for foreign postage rates..

Racovitacard3.jpg (56551 bytes)

RACOVITA 3.       2006 (FEBRUARY 20th) Special postcard signed and posted at nearby Davis AAT Base.   Price US$8

Note; The above card has been posted through the nearby Australian Davis AAT Base.

Racovitacard4.jpg (57926 bytes)

RACOVITA 4.   2006 (FEBRUARY 26th) Special postcard posted at nearby Chinese Zhong Shan Station.       Price US$5

Another nearby base is the Chinese Zhong Shan Station. The above postcard from the Romanian Base has been posted out via Zhong Shan Station and their supply vessel "Xue Long".

The  Romanian team returned to Fremantle on the Xue Long" as shown at right at the conclusion of this voyage.

RomanianXuelong.jpg (55215 bytes)

Racovitacard5.jpg (112943 bytes)

RACOVITA 5.    2006 (March 3rd) Australian Aerogramme posted at nearby Davis AAT Base.       Price US$5

The above aerogreamme was posted at Davis AAT base by the Romanian team when they were on their way home to Australian. It has subsequently been carried back to Australia on the supply vessel "Aurora Australis". The Aerogramme has a ships cachet from the vessel on its reverse.

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