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The two member Norwegian Antarctic Expedition team of Rolf Bae and Eirik Sonneland set out from the Norwegian Troll Base in Droning Maud Land where they had over-wintered on the 20th of October 2000 and arrived at the South Pole exactly 2 months later on the 20th of December 2000. 

After staying a day at the South Pole the pair surprised many by not returning to Troll Station as previously intimated but instead setting out for Ross Island on the other side of the continent.  This meant a total trek of some 3,800 km unsupported, a distance never previously achieved in the history of Antarctic exploration. Despite problems with several of their communication devices, the pair successfully achieved their aims when they arrived at Ross Island on the 5th of February, 2001. The two 26 year old's were subsequently picked up by the "Akademik Shokalskiy' and brought to New Zealand from where they returned home to Norway on the 1st March, 2001 to a heroes welcome some 15 months after originally leaving home.

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Before leaving Troll Station Eirik and Rolf  autographed a number of philatelic covers mostly for people back in Norway.

At left they can be seen autographing some for  Norwegian Post which was a major sponsor and which produced a special pictorial postmark for Troll station specially for the South Pole Trek.


The envelope at right is one of only 10 of the Norway Post covers carried all the way across Antarctica in their sleds by Rolf Bae and Eirik Sonneland. These covers were numbered 1 to 10.

This cover is NOT for sale.

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NORSK1  2000 (December 31st) Cover with Troll Station pictorial postmark autographed.  Price US$8

Note: The above cover also bears the Troll Station cachet. It was not carried on the expedition but returned from Troll station by ship and thence to New Zealand where the autographs and two expedition cachets added by Bae and Sonneland.

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NORSK2  2000 (December21st) Autographed postcard from South Pole.  Price US$8

Note: The above postcard is franked with the special American South Pole adhesive Meter stamp of December 21st and is also postmarked the same day at the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station.

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NORSK3  2001 (February 12th) Cover from Scott Base with base cachets.  Price US$4

Note: the above cover is postmarked on 19 February in Christchurch after its arrival by air with other Scott Base mail.  It bears one of the Norwegian Expedition stickers.

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NORSK4  2001 (February 12th) Cover from Scott Base with base cachets.  Price US$4

Note: this is a similar cover to the previous one but it has the Base manager and the Norwegian expedition sticker on its reverse.

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NORSK5  2001 (February 12th) Autographed cover from Scott Base with base cachets.  Price US$5

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NORSK6  2001 (February 24th) Cover from Bluff  with ship cachets.  Price US$6

Note: The "Akademik Shokalskiy" brought the two Trekkers to New Zealand and arrived at Bluff on the 24th February, 2001, the date the above cover was posted at Bluff.

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NORSK7  2001 (February 26th) Autographed cover from Christchurch with expedition cachets.  Price US$4

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