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The McMurdo Fire Department is the southern most regular fire department in the world made up of professional fire fighters who have been drawn from various fire departments throughout the USA.

It is responsible for McMurdo township on Ross Island and perhaps more importantly provides emergency and crash/fire facilities at nearby Williams Field and Pegasus Blue Airfield.

It operates a fleet of engines and trucks from a station located within McMurdo township although during flight operations at least two engines are stationed at the operational airfield.

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Some McMurdo Fire Engines are painted a bright lemon colour as shown above.

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The above fire truck is shown at Williams Field.

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MACCAFIRE 1    2001 (February 5th) Envelope from McMurdo Fire Department.    US$5

Note: The above cover has a Fire Department cachet at upper left plus a Fire Department sticker at lower left. It also bears a postage due marking applied because the postage rate to foreign countries (New Zealand) had increased to 80 cents on 7th January, 2001.

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MACCAFIRE 2     Self-Adhesive sticker for McMurdo Fire Department.    US$2

Medivac2001Tamocvrsig.jpg (32003 bytes)

MACCAFIRE 3     2001 (April 26th) Medivac Cover of McMurdo Fireman.    US$20

On the 26th April, 2001 a McMurdo Firefighter, Dave Tamo suffered serious injuries including concussion in a fall which resulted in the call for an urgent medivac to New Zealand. Because of the low Antarctic temperatures at this time of the year it was a risky mission for the RNZAF Hercules "Kiwi 588" under the command of wing commander Cummings. The above cover was   autographed  later by Dave Tamo after he had fully recovered from his injuries.

RNZAFMedevacdeparts240401.jpg (15686 bytes)

Kiwi 588 Departs Christchurch

RNZAFMedevaccrew240401a.jpg (17083 bytes)

Kiwi 588 Crew - wing cmdr Cummings

MedivacDaveTamopic.jpg (7927 bytes)

Evacuee Dave Tamo

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MACCAFIRE 4     2001 (November 4th) Envelope from McMurdo Fire Department.    US$4

MaccaFire2001back.jpg (61567 bytes)

Note; The picture at left shows the back of the above envelope.

The envelope has been carried from McMurdo to the South Pole station and posted from there home to the USA on the following day. It bears a variety of both McMurdo and South Pole cachets and stickers.


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MACCAFIRE 5     2002 (February 15th) Postcard from McMurdo Fire Department.    US$4

MaccaFire2002pcsign.jpg (56322 bytes)

MACCAFIRE 6     2002 (February 15th) Autographed postcard from McMurdo Firefighter.    US$5

Note: This postcard has the McMurdo Fire Department cachet applied on its back.

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MACCAFIRE 7     2002 (September 11th) In Memoriam envelope from McMurdo Firefighters.    US$4

Note: this envelope was postmarked September 11th, exactly 1 year since the infamous attack on New York by Islamic Terrorists which cost many lives including those of so many firefighters.

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MACCAFIRE 8     2002 (September 11th) In Memoriam envelope from McMurdo Firefighters.    US$4

MaccaFire71102c.jpg (54616 bytes)

MACCAFIRE 9    2002 (September 11th) In Memoriam envelope from McMurdo Firefighters.    US$4

MaccaFire2003sigcvr.jpg (48561 bytes)

MACCAFIRE 10    2003 (October 20th) Envelope with fire truck stamp.    US$5

Note: the above cover is postmarked with the USAF McMurdo APO handstamp. The postage stamp is one of a series showing  toys and this one shows a fire truck. the envelope has been signed by fireman Christopher Post.

Maccanewfire05cvr.jpg (60641 bytes)

MACCAFIRE 11    2005 (January 5th) Envelope with fire truck stamp.    US$5

Maccanewtruckspic.JPG (59016 bytes)

During the 2004-05 season the McMurdo Fire Department took delivery of two new "state of the art" fire trucks which have a new type of 4 wheeled track driving system.

The trucks are capable of being operated by a single person who can direct a powerful flow of foam while remaining in the cab.

The two new vehicles are shown at left having been unloaded from the C-17 aircraft in the background.

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