The following photos were taken in December 2001 following a  3 day storm during mid December. The photos show the amount of snow deposited and the work required to dig the Williams Field out of the snow before usual service could be resumed. This amount of snow is not unusual with most Austral summer science seasons delayed by similar snow dumps.

DSCN3336.jpg (22316 bytes)
DSCN3337.jpg (20899 bytes)
DSCN3338.jpg (21129 bytes)
hyd shop 3.jpg (23035 bytes)
DSCN3341.jpg (22212 bytes)
Hercfronta.jpg (28703 bytes)
DSCN3339.jpg (15074 bytes)
DSCN3342.jpg (40832 bytes)
DSCN3344.jpg (35040 bytes)
DSCN3345.jpg (28832 bytes)
DSCN3346.jpg (22208 bytes)
DSCN3347.jpg (31705 bytes)
DSCN3348.jpg (29110 bytes)
DSCN3351.jpg (43577 bytes)
DSCN3352.jpg (44110 bytes)
DSCN3353.jpg (39519 bytes)

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