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Machu Picchu is the Peru Antarctic Base situated on King George Island not far from the Brazil Comandante Ferraz Station. Machu Picchu was opened in February 1989. It is a small base of 4 buildings and is usually supported from Peru by the Peruvian Antarctic ship "Humboldt".

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MACHU 1.  1989 (24th February) First Flight cover from Machu Picchu to Lima.  Price US$10

Note: The above envelope bears a special pictorial postmark celebrating the establishment of the Machu Picchu Peru Scientific Antarctic Base and the first flight from the Antarctic of the Peruvian Air force.

Backstamped on arrival in Peru on 27th March, 1989 as shown at right.

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MACHU 2.  1999 (September Ist) cover from Machu Picchu posted via Eduardo Frei Base.  Price US$5

Note: this cover bears at left a sticker of the Peru Antarctic Base.

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