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King Sejong Base is situated on the Barton Peninsula of King George Island alongside the Antarctic Peninsula. It is only 6km from nearby Jubany Argentinan Antarctic Base.

King Sejong was opened on 17th Febraury, 1988 and has been in continual use ever since. It has a winter time average occupancy of 15 persons with this rising to 60 people in summer. It is usually re-supplied by sea once a year by the "Onnuri" and also is supplied more regularly via Jubany (Argentine) and Eduardo Frei (Chilean) Bases including mail flights by Chilean aircraft from Punta Arenas to Eduardo Frei Base.

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SEJONG 1  2000 (October 11th) Cover posted through Eduardo Frei Base  US$6

Note: the above cover bears a Korean Antarctic Research Program sticker on the back and is also backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on 7th November, 2000.


The unusual view at right shows the station during night-time.

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