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The Government of India's Antarctic programme is run by their National Centre for Antarctic & Ocean Research situated in the old Portuguese founded port of Goa. The centre has established its headquarters at Headland Sada, Vasco-da-Gama in Goa.

We offer below a few items from the headquarters in Goa including signed and cacheted items which are rarely seen in collectors hands.

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GOA1     2005 (October 25th) Envelope with 3 Centre cachets posted North Goa.     Price US$3.

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GOA2     2005 (October 25th) Signed Envelope with 3 Centre cachets posted North Goa.    Price US$5.

The picture at right shows Professor Bhaskara Rao who is the director (Logistics) of the Antarctic Centre as well as being co-Chairman of the NCAOR.

Professor Rao has kindly autographed the above envelope. The back of the envelope is shown below.

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GOA3     2005 (October 25th) Aerogramme with 2 Centre cachets posted North Goa.    Price US$3.

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GOA4     2005 (October 25th) Lettersheet with 2 Centre cachets posted North Goa.    Price US$3.

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The picture at left shows the back of the above lettersheet.

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GOA5     2005 (October 25th) National Centre postcard with Centre's pictorial penguin meter.     Price US$5.

Note: the above postcard has a strike of the rarely seen penguin logo meter which the Antarctic Centre uses mainly for bulk mail. The meter above shows the usual weakness of the impression at its top. It appears impossible now to get a perfect strike of this impression so it is possable that the meter head will soon be replaced.

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GOA6     2005 Department of Ocean Development Silver Jubilee FDC.     Price US$3.

Note: the postage stamp used on this envelope is a World Environment Day stamp.

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