We list and offer below postcards and maxi-cards issued by the Chinese Post Office or the Antarctic Programme for use by their Antarctic Expeditioneers. We do not have exact issue dates for the postcard series but understand they have been issued between 5 and 2 years ago.

  ******  MAXI-CARDS   ****** 

ChinareAuroramaxi2003.jpg (49655 bytes)

CHINAREMAXI 1     2003 (Feb 26th) Maxi-card of Aurora Australis     Price US$5

ChinareEmperormaxi2003.jpg (64697 bytes)

CHINAREMAXI 2   2003 (Feb 26th) Maxi-card of Emperor penguin & Chick    Price US$5

******   POSTCARDS    ******

ChinareExpcset1.jpg (97206 bytes)

CHINAREPOSTCARD SET1    Set of 8 postcards in cardboard wallet (shown above)    Price US$8

Note: These postcards were designed by the National Committee for Antarctic Research and use photographs by Wang Zipan. Small images of the photos used are shown below.

Chinarepc1a.jpg (15459 bytes) Chinarepc1b.jpg (16612 bytes) Chinarepc1c.jpg (15869 bytes)
Chinarepc1d.jpg (16824 bytes) Chinarepc1e.jpg (17516 bytes) Chinarepc1f.jpg (19692 bytes)
Chinarepc1g.jpg (19822 bytes) Chinarepc1h.jpg (14450 bytes)


ChinareExpcset2.jpg (60885 bytes)

CHINAREPOSTCARD SET2    Set of 10 postcards in cardboard wallet (shown above)    Price US$15

ChinareExpcset2back.jpg (14768 bytes)

Note: This set of postcards have a stamp design imprinted so the cards are actually postal stationery items as shown at left.

Issued by the State Postal Bureau in 1999.

We show the individual pictures below

Chinarepc2a.jpg (18385 bytes) Chinarepc2b.jpg (15619 bytes) Chinarepc2c.jpg (19681 bytes)
Chinarepc2d.jpg (19519 bytes) Chinarepc2e.jpg (16964 bytes) Chinarepc2f.jpg (12832 bytes)
Chinarepc2g.jpg (16669 bytes) Chinarepc2h.jpg (20472 bytes) Chinarepc2i.jpg (16431 bytes)
Chinarepc2j.jpg (10764 bytes)


ChinareExpcset3.jpg (56187 bytes)

CHINAREPOSTCARD SET3    Set of 10 postcards in cardboard wallet (shown above)    Price US$12

Note: this set of 10 postcards has photos by Wang Xinmin.  We show the individual pictures below in reduced size.

Chinarepc3a.jpg (15600 bytes) Chinarepc3b.jpg (17337 bytes) Chinarepc3c.jpg (11755 bytes)
Chinarepc3d.jpg (12563 bytes) Chinarepc3e.jpg (13219 bytes) Chinarepc3f.jpg (16591 bytes)
Chinarepc3g.jpg (14541 bytes) Chinarepc3h.jpg (12140 bytes) Chinarepc3i.jpg (12308 bytes)
Chinarepc3j.jpg (9783 bytes)

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