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Zhong Shan station is the second Chinese Antarctic base to be opened when it opened on the 26th February, 1989. It is situated on the Larsemann Hills in Prydz Bay in East Antarctica and is only a few kilometers from the nearby Russian Progress II Station and the summer only Australian Law Base. It is usually supplied from the nearby Australian Davis Base. The main logistic support however is supplied by the annual visit of the Chinese Antarctic Support vessel "Xue Long".

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ZHONG1.   1995 (Feb 26th) Ist supply trip of "Snow Dragon" to Zhong Shan Station.     Price US$6

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ZHONG2.   1996 (Feb 26th) Cover from  Zhong Shan Station.     Price US$6

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ZHONG3.   1997 (Feb 26th)   Zhong Shan Station Overland Glaciology traverse.     Price US$6

Note: Backstamped at Beijing on April 20th 1997. This is the first stage of ITASE.

ChinaZS98TraverseAcvr.jpg (59307 bytes)

ZHONG4.   1998 (Feb 26th)   Zhong Shan to Dome A Overland Traverse.     Price US$6

Note: This cover was carried on the second traverse of ITASE to Dome A. A total overland trip of 500 km.

ChinaZS98TraverseAcvrb.jpg (55215 bytes)

ZHONG5.   1998 (Feb 26th)   Zhong Shan to Dome A Overland Traverse.     Price US$6

Note: This cover was carried on the same inland traverse as the previous cover but has the traverse cachet in red and another with Chinese lettering cachet at top left.  Backstamped in China 25th April, 1998.

ChinaZS99TraverseAcvr.jpg (43406 bytes)

ZHONG6.   1999 (Feb 26th)   Zhong Shan to Dome A Overland Traverse.     Price US$6

Note: This cover was carried on the 1999 traverse from Zhong Shan to Dome A which is a 1000km return journey. The traverse also took in the first geological survey of the Grove Mountains region. Backstamped 7th April, 1999 in China.

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ZHONG7.   2000 (December 7th)  Lettersheet from Zhong Shan Station.    Price US$6

Note: the above lettersheet comes from the 17th Chinese Antarctic expedition.

For the first time the expedition did not use their own vessel but instead flew to Perth in Western Australia and from there took the Australian Icebreaker "Aurora Australis" down to Zhong Shan Base which isn't far from the AAT Davis Base.

The view at right shows the back and inside of the above lettersheet including a nice multicoloured view of Zhong Shan Station.

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ZHONG8.   2000 (December 12th)  Cover from Zhong Shan via Davis AAT Base.    Price US$6

Note: This cover has three Chinese cachets applied at Zhong Shan Base. The above cover was carried from Davis Base to Hobart by the Australian icebreaker "Aurora Australis" which left Davis on 16th December 2000 and arrived in Hobart 27 December, 2000. Cover is backstamped Christchurch 9 January, 2001.

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ZHONG9.   2000 (December 29th)  Zhong Shan cover sent via Davis AAT Base.     Price US$6

Note : the above cover from an expeditioneer at nearby Law Base also in the Larsemann Hills has a Chinese Antarctic sticker at lower left and an unusual Zhong Shan circular station cachet which is usually used on radio or other non philatelic documents.  backstamped at Christchurch 13 March, 2001.  The cover also bears a Law Base cachet on the reverse.

Another view of Zhong Shan Base is shown at right. this shows the base in January, 2001 when very little snow was left on the surrounding ground.

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Click here to see our page for the Chinese Antarctic supply vessel "Xue Long"

ZhongShanPolarBird26Feb2001cvr.jpg (32162 bytes)

ZHONG10.  2001 (February 26th) Envelope from Zhong Shan Station carried by "Polar Bird".  US $8

Note: The above cover has a cachet at bottom in English and Chinese from the 15 person Chinese team on board who travelled there on the Australian chartered supply vessel "Polar Bird".


For the 2000-01 season the Chinese relied on Australian vessels as their "Xue Long" was under-going a long refit.

The picture at right showing Zhong Shan was also taken in January, 2001.

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ZHONG11.  2002 (February 26th) Envelope from Zhong Shan Station carried by "Xue Long".  US $5

Note: The photo at right shows the memorial stone at Zhong Shan base erected in memory of the death of a previous expeditioneer. Alongside the stone is Chinese expeditioneer Xu Zhong Hua. 


The cover above has a special cachet relating to this memorial.

ZhongShanJan01XuZhongHua.jpg (54978 bytes)

ZhongShan2002pcfront1.jpg (43380 bytes)

ZHONG12.  2002 (February 26th) Picture postcard of Xue Long posted at Zhong Shan Station.  US $5

ZhongShan2002pcback1.jpg (51638 bytes)

The picture at left is the photo side of the above offered postcard and shows the vessel "Xue Long".

This postcard was originally issued to celebrate the establishment of an official Shanghai Post office Pudong Area Post Office on board the vessel.

ZhongShan2003cvr1.jpg (37095 bytes)

ZHONG13.  2003 (February 26th) Envelope from Zhong Shan Station.  US $5

Note: The main scientific activities of the 19th season centered on geology and lake sediment work near Zhongshan Station, survey and meterolite searching in the grove mountains region and tidal measuring on the Amery Ice Shelf.

ZhongShan2003cvr2.jpg (38040 bytes)

ZHONG14.  2003 (February 26th) Envelope from Zhong Shan Station.  US $6

Note: This envelope is similar to the previous item but it also has a Zhongshan cachet applied in gold.

ChinareGrovemountainscvr.jpg (36312 bytes)

ZHONG15.  2003 (January 20th) Envelope from Grove Mountain expedition.  US $8

Note: This envelope showing the inland Grove Mountains in its design (and in the stamp design) was carried on the first Helicopter flight into the Grove Mountains on the 20th January, 2003 and then returned via Davis AAT Base.

ZhongShan2003Amerycvr.jpg (43834 bytes)

ZHONG16.  2003 (January 15th) Envelope from Amery Ice Shelf expedition.  US $8

ZhongShan2003Amerycvrback.jpg (16941 bytes)

Note: The above envelope was carried by helicopter from the Amery Ice Shelf back to the Australian Davis AAT Base being postmarked there 20 February 2003. 

The envelope has the Australian Amery Ice Shelf cachet as shown at left on its reverse.

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