CampAkadermiapic2.jpg (46830 bytes)Camp Academia  - Photo Lyubomir Ivanov.

The mission of the Bulgarian expedition Tangra 2004-05 was to collect scientific data on the mountain massif of Tangra situated on Livingston Island in the South Shetlands archipelago. For this purpose a  traverse of all the Tangra Mountains was undertaken. – something never done before.  This involved climbing all the peaks of its main range extending over 30 km between Barnard Point and Renier Point, with sixteen peaks raising to 1000 m above sea level and two of them even to 1700 m.
The expedition took place during November 2004 - January 2005 as part of the Bulgarian XIII National Antarctic campaign.  Camp Academia is situated in the Wörner Gap area of Livingston Island.

LyubomirIvanov.jpg (49048 bytes)

Dr Lyubomir Ivanov.

The expedition team comprised two members: Dr. Lyubomir Ivanov, Chairman of the Antarctic Place-names Commission - Bulgaria and expert in Antarctic toponymics and geography, experienced in field work under the local conditions on the island, responsible for collecting the relevant scientific data;

and Doychin Vasilev, expert in Alpine activities responsible both for safety during the work in and around the mountain massif, and for producing a TV documentary about the expedition work.

Tangrapcfrontsig.jpg (50481 bytes)

TANGRA 1.  2004 Special Tangra Expedition postcard signed by leader.      Price US$8

Tangrapcback.jpg (23856 bytes)


Note: the above postcard has a Bulgarian antarctic stamp (with tab) postmarked with the special Tangra Antarctic Base postmark. This is the first ever usage of this southernmost Bulgarian postmark. The back of the postcard is shown at left. It has the cachet from the other Bulgarian Antarctic Base (St. Kliment Ohridski) as well as the expedition vessel "Vanguardia" of the Uruguyan Navy. It has been backstamped on arrival  at Punta Arenas on the 14th of January, 2005.


LeaveTangra.jpg (33336 bytes)

The Expedition left on "Akademik Sergei Vavilov" as shown above. - Photo Lyubomir Ivanov.

BulgariaTangraExpreturnSofia.jpg (15078 bytes)

Expedition Members returning to Sofia in January 2005.

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