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The Polish Academy of Sciences has operated the H.Arctowski Antarctic Base situated on Admiralty Bay in King George Island continuously since 1977. It can accomodate 70 people in summer and 20 in winter. Several Polish Universities and institutes contribute to upkeep of the base. It is near several other bases and usually dispatches mail that way according to shipping and aircraft schedules.

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ARCTOWSKI 1   1995 (25th December) Cover with Base leader's signature.    Price US$5

Note: this cover which also has many other cachets including one of the Polish supply vessel "Jastarnia Bor". It has been postmarked on arrival back in Warsaw.

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ARCTOWSKI 2   1996-97 Cover with Base and ship's cachet    Price US$4

Note: This cover has been transferred via the nearby Argentine Jubany Antarctic Base ( 6th August 1996) and finally postmarked at Gdansk on 1st February 1997.

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ARCTOWSKI 3   1996-97 Cover with Base and ship's cachet    Price US$4

Note: The above cover also bears the Russian Bellinghausen Antarctic Base cachet and has been posted out through that base with a Russian stamp postmarked with Bellinghausen's postmark.

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ARCTOWSKI 4   1999 (16th October) Cover posted through Eduardo Frei Chilean Base.  Price US$4

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