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Law Base was established in the Larsmann Hills in the 1980's. It is 3 km inland from the Antarctic coastline and only 2km from the nearby Progress 11 Russian Antarctic base. It is a sumer only base supplied by helicopter from the permanent Davis AAT . There are a number of nearby lakes which provide a scientific interest.

The view at right taken in January 2001 shows the buildings at Law Base in summer when the snow has receeded.

The hut is also flying flags of China and Russia in honour of the nearby Russian (Progress 11) and Chinese (Zhong Shan) Bases. The person on the Quad is Mike Tell from nearby Davis AAT Base.

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LAW 1    2000 (December 29) Signed cover from Lake Water Studies Team.    Price US$8

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This cover above is from the two man team involved in ANARE project  No 1170 which was studying the lake water and sediments of the many lakes in the Larseman Hills. The people involved were Dr James Burgess from Canberra and David Harrowfield of Christchurch.

Note: The cachets at left are on the back of the above envelope. Because there is no Law Base postmark the envelope was postmarked at nearby Davis AAT Base.


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The photo at left shows David Harrowfield postmarking one of the above envelopes at the Davis AAT Base Post Office on 29 December, 2000.

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LAW 2    2000 (December 29) Signed cover from Lake Water Studies Team.    Price US$8

Note: this cover only differs from the previous one in that it has a different postage stamp and also has a Davis Base Airmail label affixed at top left. It has the same cachets on the reverse as the LAW 1 cover.

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LAW 3    2000 (December 29) Signed Polarogramme from Lake Water Studies Team.    Price US$10

The Above Polarogramme was sent by the same two man team as the previous items and has also been signed by both members.

It also bears a cachet from the vessel "Aurora Australis" which is the vessel which the team members travelled on from Fremantle to Davis in December and then from Davis back to Hobart in February 2001.

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David Harrowfield on board the "Aurora Australis"

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"Aurora Australis" unloading Davis Base supplies

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