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In the 1999- 2000 Austral summer season a team of Belgian mountaineers left to climb the tallest peak in Antarctica which is the 4,897 metre tall Mount Vinson.  Vinson Massif, at 7835'S, 8525'W is 13 miles long and 8 miles wide. It lies on the southern part of the main ridge of the Sentinel Range.

This is one of the mountains in the 7 tallest peaks in the 7 continents much prized by mountaineers.

The expedition was known as the Millennium 2000 and was associated with several other expeditions which were using Adventure Network International's aircraft from Punta Arenas in Southern Chile to Patriot Hills in the Antarctic.

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VINSON 1   1999 Cover from Mountaineering team posted Punta Arenas   Price US$5

Note: the cover is autographed by all the 6 members of the team They are; Rudy Van Snick (Expedition Leader), Fernand Casier, Willy Troch, Robert Huygh, Dixie Danscour and Jurlie Brown. The cover is postmarked at Punta Arenas on December 22nd on the day the Expedition left Chile to climb Mount Vinson.

The team leader, Rudy Van Snick is the only Belgian who has done the "Seven summits",  the highest peak on each continent and that includes the Everest. It is his third time for Mount Vinson! 


In 2002-2003 the two person Dutch team of Frits Vrijlandt and Rosemarijn Janssen successfully climbed Mount Vinson with Rosemarijn being the first Dutch woman to do so.

The pair are shown at right.

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VINSON 2   2003 (Jan 13th Cover from Mountaineering team posted Punta Arenas   Price US$5

Note: the cover is autograped by both climbers and bears the Vinson Massif cachet of Adventure Network International, the company which provided the logistic support to the team.

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