The following selection of postcards are all in unused perfect new condition. All have designs which relate to the Antarctic. Some of the images have been sized smaller than others to fit sets into one lines. Generally we will only sell items as sets etc as issued. If you need further details about the card designs please email us at;


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POSTCARDS1   2006 Antarctic Aviation Art Deco paintings by Contour Studios. Set of 4 unused.  Price US$6

Antpc851.jpg (9104 bytes) Antpc852.jpg (10892 bytes) Antpc853.jpg (10582 bytes) Antpc854.jpg (9661 bytes)
Antpc855.jpg (8681 bytes) Antpc856.jpg (11562 bytes) Antpc857.jpg (10150 bytes) Antpc858.jpg (5976 bytes)

POSTCARDS2   1985 Set of 8 unused "Stampex'85" Herbert Ponting 1911 scenes. Price US$5

AntpcCMA5.jpg (14385 bytes) AntpcCMA2.jpg (11951 bytes) AntpcCMA3.jpg (12144 bytes)
AntpcCMA1.jpg (11335 bytes) AntpcCMA4.jpg (11704 bytes)

POSTCARDS3   1970's Early Lyttelton Antarctic Explorers set of 5 cards.     Price US$5

AntpcAntcol1.jpg (38788 bytes)

AntpcAntcol2.jpg (33919 bytes)

POSTCARDS4   1990's Antarctic Collection (Tasmania) pair of cards     Price US$3

AntpcWelcometoAnt.jpg (21338 bytes)

AntpcArctowski.jpg (31352 bytes)

POSTCARDS5   1990's Welcome to Antarctica and Arctowski Base card pair.      Price US$2 each.

SGeorgiapc1.jpg (10444 bytes)

SGeorgiapc2.jpg (10859 bytes)

SGeorgiapc3.jpg (11842 bytes)

POSTCARDS6   1990's Set of 3 cards showing South Georgia.     Price US$6.

Antshipspc2.jpg (12531 bytes)

Antshipspc3.jpg (9428 bytes)

Antshipspc1.jpg (10658 bytes)

POSTCARDS7   1990's set of 3 cards showing Antarctic cruise ships.      Price US$6

AntpcNIWA1.jpg (9813 bytes)

AntpcNIWA2.jpg (10699 bytes)

AntpcNIWA3.jpg (11028 bytes)

AntpcNIWA4.jpg (11059 bytes)

POSTCARDS8   2000's set of 4 cards showing NZ research ship "Tangaroa"      Price US$6

AntpcIluyshin.jpg (16438 bytes)

AntpcChAirport.jpg (31232 bytes)

POSTCARDS9   2000's Antarctic Aviation pair of cards.     Price US$4

AntpcScottBase.jpg (23023 bytes)

AntpcVandastation.jpg (28458 bytes)

POSTCARDS10   1980's Antarctic Scott Base and Vanda Station pair of cards    Price US$4

AntpcAuroraAust.jpg (38277 bytes)

POSTCARDS11   2000's Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis at Hobart panoramic card   Price US$2

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