Note:These photos were taken at the South Pole on the 7th or 8th of January 2000. All are exclusive to this web site. We have the negatives for all the photos on this page.

Milpic1.jpg (53653 bytes)

The above picture shows the 4 Snow Bugs on arrival at the South Pole.

Milpic2.jpg (55842 bytes)

The above picture also shows the 4 Snow Bugs on arrival.

Milpic3.jpg (66225 bytes)

Some of the Mil 2000 Expedition party

Milpic7.jpg (50235 bytes)

This picture shows one of the "Snow bugs" running over some American volenteers!

Milpic6.jpg (53826 bytes)

Mil 2000 Expedition co-leader Vladmir Drabo (Belarus) at left,  Radio Operator/spokesman Yuri Zaruba (Novosibirsk) in center and co-leader Vladmir Chukov (Russia) at right with South Pole ceremonial globe in front.

Milpic4.jpg (41292 bytes)

Mil 2000 Expedition co-leader Yuri Chukov (Russia) at Ceremonial South Pole.

Milpic5.jpg (53750 bytes)

Mil 2000 Spokesman and radio operator Yuri Zaruba at right with South Pole American radio operator (air comms) Neil Connant at the ceremonial South Pole

Milpic8.jpg (62577 bytes)

American South Pole Station radio operator Neil Connant at left along with the Balloon Pilot Ivan Trifinov (Austria) at the ceremonial South Pole.

Milpic9.jpg (26532 bytes)

Snow Bug arriving on marked path

Milpic12.jpg (39301 bytes)

Snow Bug parked at South Pole

Milpic13.jpg (32529 bytes)

Mil 2000 Expeditioneers

Milpic11.jpg (30497 bytes)

Mil 2000 Expedition co-leaders

Milpic18.jpg (32913 bytes)

Americans meeting Mil 2000 Expedition

Milpic14.jpg (29486 bytes)

Austrian Balloon Pilot Ivan Trifinov

Milpic15.jpg (32466 bytes)

Mil-2000 Balloon Basket before flight

Milpic16.jpg (22454 bytes)

Balloon being inflated for first Hot Air flight

Milpic25v.jpg (29701 bytes)

Balloon about to take off from South Pole

Milpic24v.jpg (23988 bytes)

Chase Snow Bug with Balloon high above

Milpic17.jpg (20830 bytes)

Balloon trailing commemorative tail

Milpic21.jpg (12959 bytes)

View from Balloon showing snow bug & Pole Station in distance

Milpic19.jpg (21019 bytes)

Balloon releasing hot air prior to landing - view taken from chase snow bug.

Milpic20.jpg (22650 bytes)

Balloon landing with released hot air creating a small cloud

Milpic22v.jpg (31090 bytes)

Balloon being recaptured after flight. On board were Ivan Trifonov Anulfo Gonzalez and Faustino Mortera

Milpic23v.jpg (42663 bytes)

Mil-2000 Radio Operator Yuri Zaruba working radio at South Pole with call sign R3GA/ANT

Milpic10.jpg (42528 bytes)

Mil-2000 Radio Operator Yuri Zaruba (at right) awarding the American South Pole radio operator Neil Connant the "Robinson Crusoe" award certificate and a special pennant for his radio work at the South Pole.

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