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The sticker at left was issued by NASA especially for use by "Antarctica 2000"  Expedition members.

In recent years the Antarctic continent has proved to be a varitable "gold mine" for meteorite seekers because the nature of the continent means that all meteorites which have fallen there are still there easily visible against a snow and ice background. There are in particular some areas where large ablation of glaciers causes a build up of meteorites. The cold and dry climate also helps to preserve meteorites. In the past decade several thousand meteorites have been discovered in the Antarctic including a few from Mars and other equally interesting origins.

In the 1999-2000 Austral summer season a NASA sponsored Expedition undertook a meteorite search in the Thiel Mountains which are situated between Patriot Hills and the South Pole.  In this party were two famous American Astronauts Owen Garriott and James Lovell. On the 16th of January, 2000 they made a special visit to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. This page celebrates that visit.

The picture at right shows Owen Garriott at left and James Lovell at right with Austrian Balloon pilot Ivan Trifonov (in the middle) from the Russian led Mil 2000 expedition.

This photo was taken at Patriot Hills after the Mil 2000 Expedition had returned from the South Pole and before the NASA expedition went there.

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OWEN GARRIOTT.    =   Scientist-Astronaut. participated on Spacelab and  Skylab 11

JAMES LOVELL.       =  Captain US Navy.  participated on Gemini V11 & Gemini X11,                                              Apollo V111 and Apollo X111.

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This picture shows the turbo prop fitted DC-3 aircraft of World Air Logistics which flew the astonaut party in from Patriot Hills to the South Pole Station.

Lovellaircraft2.jpg (48872 bytes)

Another view of the aircraft with the South Pole 1999-2000 pile of snow in the background created by digging out for the new station buildings. Note the 5 bladed propellers and skis.

Lovelplaneinside.jpg (64195 bytes)

This interesting view shows the inside of the World Air logistics aircraft.

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Astronaut James Lovell at right meeting the National Science Foundation's South Pole manager Jerry Marty at the Geographic South Pole with the DC-3 in the background.

LovellGeoSPpic.jpg (46506 bytes)

James Lovell at the Geographic South Pole

LovellatPole.jpg (72032 bytes)

James A. Lovell at the Ceremonial South Pole amidst the circle of flags.

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Owen Garriott at left and James Lovell (right) at Geographic South Pole

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James Lovell, Jerry Marty (South Pole NSF South Pole Manager) and Owen Garriott at Geographic South Pole.

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James Lovell in center and Owen Garriott at right inspecting new construction at the South Pole Station.

Lovell11.jpg (21401 bytes)

James Lovell talking to NSF South Pole manager Jerry Marty inside South Pole Station

Pic00007.jpg (81084 bytes)

James Lovell doing an autograph.

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The picture at left is of the front cover of a special lettersheet produced at the south pole for the two Astronauts visit.

This particular one has been autographed by the two visiting astronauts.

Lovellcard1a.jpg (49355 bytes)

This picture at left shows the inside of the special letter sheet and has been postmarked on the date of the visit with the South Pole datestamp of January 16, 2000.


It also has one of the special Expedition stickers on it.


This cover at right is one that was originally issued back in 1970 for the launch of Apollo 13. postmarked at Kennedy Space Center on April 11th, the day of the launch.

It was kindly autographed by James Lovell while at the South Pole Station on January 16th

Astrocvr1.jpg (47420 bytes)

This is the reverse of the above Apollo 13 envelope. 

It has been postmarked on the date of the signing on the front by James Lovell and certified as such by South Pole Comm Ops radio operator Neil Conant, a veteran South Pole resident.


Astrocvr1a.jpg (27671 bytes)

Astrocvr2.jpg (34562 bytes)

The above is another Apollo 13 cover kindly autographed by James Lovell. it also has been certified on the back in the same fashion as the previous cover.

Lovell Ham Radio-1.jpg (24596 bytes)

James Lovell in radio room at South Pole Station with radio operator Neil Conant.

Owen - Neil.jpg (86289 bytes)

Owen Garriott in radio room at South Pole Station with radio operator Neil Conant.

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