This list comprises Antarctic postal items recently acquired.  Some of these items are only available in very small numbers so early ordering is advisable. We accept payment by credit card (all major types) cheques (checks) , bank drafts and currency or banknotes.  Note: These prices are in US dollars.

These stamps have been issued by an alternative postal provider as allowed for in the New Zealand Postal Act to provide competition for New Zealand Post. Universal Mail are a major postal company providing postal services from New Zealand to other countries. Their mail is put into the main international mail stream at a location (Overseas country) offering the cheapest reliable deals. Universal Mail provides serious competition for NZ Post and has many hundreds of street collection boxes throughout New Zealand. An interesting aspect of their service is that they use their own stamps which are on sale throughout the country. They have also issued a small number of special purpose or private issuer stamps. The above $2 stamp for example was issued for the Antarctic Protection Society in a limited total run of 2,500 stamps all individually numbered. We can (while stocks last) offer these stamps at face value. We can also post you a letter through the mail. We have the following available;

Item 1. Mint single @ US$2 ea.

Item 2. Used single @ US$2 ea.

Item 3. Cover posted @ US$2.50 ea.

Item 3a.   FDC of 2 stamps @ US$10 ea.

Item 4. Mint pane of 5 stamps @ US$10 ea.

Item 5. Used pane of 5 stamps @ US$10 ea.

Item 6. FDC of booklet pane @ US$12 ea.

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Item 12.       2002 (January 20th Cover from AAT Davis Base with cachet of Amisor Amery Ice shelf Research prog.                                                 US$5

Item 13.  2000 (Nov 11th) cover from MacQuarie Island AAT Base with TASPAWS wildlife programme cachets.                                         US$5

Item 14.    2002 (June 21st) Cover from MacQuarie Island AAT Base with TASPAWS wildlife prog. cachets.                                                             US$5

Item 15.     2001 (Feb 10th) Cover from MacQuarie Island AAT Base with Station Leader signature.                                                                             US$5

Item 16.           2002 (March 13) Cover from South African Antarctic ship "Agulhas" with waterfront Antarctic postmark.                                         US$5

Item 17   2001 (Oct 29) Polarogramme from French vessel "L'Astrolabe" signed by captain and postmarked at Dumont d'Urville Antarctic Base.                                                                             US$8

Item 18.  2002 (Feb 11th) Royal Visit to Scott Base, Ross Dependency of Princess Anne with red visit cachet.                                                                US$3

Item 19.       2000 (Feb 11th) Royal Visit of Princess Anne to Italian Terra Nova Bay Base with green Italian visit cachet.                                            US$3

Item 20.       1999 (November 29) Cover carried on Byrd 70th Anniversary re-enactment flight from South Pole - McMurdo & on to Christchurch. US$5

Item 21.            2002 (April 14th) cover with special stamp and postmark from International Whaling Commission meeting held in Japan.                US$3

Item 22.  2001 (December 11th) cover from Belgian Antarctic research team led by Dr J.L. Tilson studying sea ice from Scott Base. With Belgian & NZ cachets.                                                        US$5

Item 23.               2002 (Feb 28th) Cover from joint Italian/French inland Concordia Station with base and project cachets.                                            US$5

Item 24.     2002 (Jan 8th) South Pole postcard from Russian 40th Flight Anniversary Expedition. Expedition stranded at Pole and evacuated by Americans.                                                         US$8

Item 25.     2002 (Jan 8th) South Pole postcard from Russian 40th Flight Anniversary Expedition stranded at Pole. Autographed by leader Artur Chilingarov, dep. leader State Duma             US$20

Item 26. 2000 (Dec. 7th) Chinese 17th Antarctic Expedition cover posted on board expedition vessel "Xue Long".                                                     US$6

Item 27. 2000 (Dec 7th) similar to item 26 but with views of Great Wall Station instead of Zhong Shan Base.                                                                  US$6

Item 28.        2001 (August 11th) Cover with special pictorial postmark for Centenary of Ist German Antarctic expedition in vessel "Gaus".           US$4

Item 29.                     2001 (May 4th) Cover for 90th Anniversary of 2nd German Antarctic Expedition with special cachet.                                             US$3

Item 30. 2002 (Feb 28) cover from Carbonant project on "Italica" in Ross Sea. Signed by US  scientist leader.                                             US$8

Item 31. 2000 (Aug 18) Winfly flight cover flown Christchurch to McMurdo at season start.      US$5

Item 32.                    2002 (Feb. 20th) Historic Huts photographic  project K394J-H cover. Signed by project leader Austrian Josef Hoflehner and with Scott's Hut 1982 stamp.                                    US$5

Item 33.         2002 (Jan 9th) Signed cover from ship "Professor Multanovskiy" on return from Antarctic expedition to Falklands. With ship and Falklands cachet.                                                             US$5

Item 34.         2002 (Jan 21st) Polarogramme from tourist icebreaker "Kapitan Khlebnikov" posted paquebot Lyttelton with Ross stamps and various ship and expedition cachets.                          US$8

Item 35.        2000 (November 14th) Polarogramme posted first day of new Hercules aircraft stamps with Hercules pictorial postmark and carried RNZAF Hercules to McMurdo.                       US$8

Item 36. 2001 (May 23rd) Cover from French Polar vessel "La Curieuse" at Port aux Francais TAAF. signed by captain.                                              US$8

Item 37.  2001 (November 9th) Ist seasons RNZAF flight to McMurdo by Hercules with squadron cachet etc.                                                           US$5

Item 38.         2002 (Feb 15th) Signed postcard from McMurdo Fire Department signed and various cachets.                                                              US$5

Item 39.  2001 (Oct. 17th) Postcard from McMurdo American Base with view of McMurdo bottom left.                                                                             US$3

Item 40.    2002 (Feb 13th) postcard posted Chile's Bernardo 'Ohiggins Base from German Antarctic Observatory.                                                     US$8

Item 41.     2001 (Nov 22) South Pole postcard with recovered piece of parachute fabric from 1955-57 period.                                                                US$8

Item 42.     1991 (March 30th) Cover from German Georg Forster Base collected by vessel "Polarstern"                                                      US$5

Item 43.              2001 (December 21st) Cover from Lyttelton Port Company with meter for centenary of Scott's departure for Antarctic postmarked on Centenary date.                                                US$5

Item 44.   2001 (Nov 22nd) Cover carried by South African Hercules from Scott Base to Christchurch. SAFAIR were working for Italian Programme. Signed.                                                               US$8

Item 45.                   South Pole cover from Amanda Programme signed by person involved. With South Pole cachets etc.                                              US$8

Item 46.   2001 (December 21st) Lyttelton pictorial postmark for centenary of Discovery's departure for the Antarctic.                                                    US$5

Item 47.       2001 December 24th) Dunedin posted postcard for Centenary of departure of the Discovery.                                                          US$3

Item 48. 2001 (Nov 4th) QSL card from South Pole operator Neil Conant KC4AAA-N8BPR. With SP meter.                                                              US$8

This is the back of the card shown at left and shows the details of the radio call and the operators signature at bottom left.

Item 49.            2001 QSL South Pole card of Skip Withrow.                                                           US$8

Item 50.    2002 (Jan 16) Postcard of NASA meteorite hunt.                                                   US$5

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