Hägglund Ride

On the 19th September 1999 The Christchurch International Antarctic centre started a new tourist attraction with the commencement of a "Hägglund Ride".

A Hägglund is a tracked vehicle developed in Sweden for use on snow and ice. It runs on rubber tracks and comprises two or more articulated units which can climb very steep terrain and yet have a very light "Footprint" enabling them to cross thin ice. Hägglunds are also air tight and can float in water and with their tracks have an amphibious capability. They are not cheap. the Antarctic Centre machine cost US$250,000.

Hagglund.jpg (32273 bytes)

The Antarctic Centre's manager with  mascot in front of the Hägglund

HagglundGalaxy.jpg (19718 bytes)

This picture shows people including the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jenny Shipley, on the Hägglund VIP ride watching a USAF Galaxy aircraft land.


HagglundShipley.jpg (37261 bytes)

The picture at left shows the Hägglund traversing a lake with the New Zealand Prime Minister Jenny Shipley in the left front passenger seat.


The Antarctic Centre's Hägglund was commissioned by Sir Edmund Hillary (shown at right)  and is named after him. It has the name plaque as shown below on its front

Hagglundbadge.jpg (10098 bytes)

HagglundHill.jpg (28219 bytes)

HagglundC2.jpg (39768 bytes)

Hägglund 1. 1999 Sept 19 cover carried on Inaugural Ride with Ross Dependency stamp.  Price US$2

HagglundC1.jpg (41279 bytes)

Hägglund 2. 1999 Sept 19 cover as above but diff design and signed by Hägglund Driver.  Price US$5

HagglundNickBoniface.jpg (63903 bytes)

This is the Hägglund driver Nick Boniface who has signed the cover above.

HagglundC4.jpg (44019 bytes)

Hägglund 3. 1999 Sept 19th cover as previous design but not signed.   Price US$2

HagglundC3.jpg (36548 bytes)

Hägglund 4. 1999 Sept 19 carried cover as previous but with USAF "Galaxy" in design.  Price US$2

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