The "Fournier" was an Argentine Naval ship which disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1949 in Tierra Del Fuiego at the foot of South America. All her crew were lost.

She was built in 1939 and was stationed at Puerto Belgrano. In 1942-43 she lead the Argentine Antarctic Expedition leaving Ushuaia and founding the Argentine base on Deception Island.

In 1949 with 79 people onboard she disappeared in the area of the entrance to the Grand Canal San Gabriel, some 60 miles to the south of the Chilean city of Punta Arenas. The weather was very bad and it was several days before her fate was discovered and the Argentine nation went into mourning over her loss.

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FOURNIER 1 1999 (October 15th) First Day Cover for special stamp for ARA "Fournier".   Price US$4.

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FOURNIER 2  1999 (November 5th)  First use of ARA "Fournier"stamp from Antarctic.   Price US$5

Note: The above cover has been posted at the Argentine "Jubany" Antarctic Base on November 5th 1999 and also bears a special "Antartida Argentina Correspondencia" circular datestamp of 22nd December, 1999.

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