The selection of cards offered below is of GPT magnetic used cards. We have added the code number  found on the back of each card in the description below each card illustration.

FalkPC1.jpg (13769 bytes)

2CWFA 7.50 Helicopters

Price US$4

FalkPC2.jpg (11511 bytes)

2CWFC 15 Satellite Dish

Price US$3

FalkPC3.jpg (11113 bytes)

4CWFA  10 Phantom Jet

Price US$3


FalkPC4.jpg (13173 bytes)

3CWFA 7.50 QE2 Liner

Price US$4


FalkPC5.jpg (12249 bytes)

59CFKA 10 Rapier Missile

Price US3

FalkPC8.jpg (12598 bytes)

59CFKB 10 Bomb Disposal

Price US$3


FalkPC6.jpg (11997 bytes)

59CFKC  10 HMS "Iron Duke"

Price US$3


FalkPC7.jpg (17101 bytes)

133CFKA  10 Cathedral

Price US$4

FalkPC9.jpg (15294 bytes)

161CFKA 10 Govt. House

Price US$4


FalkPC10.jpg (12425 bytes)

184CFKB 10 Penguin

Price US$3


FalkPC11.jpg (11695 bytes)

229CFKA 10 King Cormorant

Price US$3


FalkPC12.jpg (14916 bytes)

269CFKC 10 Hugh Marsden

Price US$3


FalkPC13.jpg (12117 bytes)

269CFKB 10 Badminton Team

Price US$3


FalkPC14.jpg (13068 bytes)

269CFKD 10 Rifle Shooters

Price US$3


FalkPC15.jpg (16948 bytes)

269CFKE 10 Pistol Shooters

Price US$3


FalkPC16.jpg (12085 bytes)

275CFKB 10 Norman Islander

Price US$3


FalkPC17.jpg (10417 bytes)

275CFKC 10 Norman Defender

Price US$3

Special Price Deal

All 17 cards for US$49

(instead of US$55

as separately listed.)

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