This list continues on from our previous page of covers and continues the emphasis on mail from visiting ships especially those coming from the Antarctic plus a selection of Cruise vessels.

Mail from cruise vessels in particular is difficult to obtain as most have to anchor in the bay and ferry their tourists ashore by small boat rather than berth at the wharf. For all the Cruise liners we have very limited supplies. Covers are arranged in chronological order.

Endurance13Mr00cvr.jpg (56692 bytes)

FALKLAND 19   2000 (March 13th) Cover from HMS "Endurance".    Price US$5.

Note: The above cover is postmarked at the civilian Post office at Mount Pleasant where the Falklands International Airport is situated. Other covers from the "Endurance" can be seen here.

At right we can see the "Endurance" in its traditional red colour scheme. The vessel is the Logistic vessel for the Royal Navy re-supplying bases in the British Antarctic and South Georgia.

EndurancePic.jpg (41443 bytes)

BlueBeach27Ap00cvr.jpg (57615 bytes)

FALKLAND 20   2000 (April 27th) Cover from San Carlos "Blue Beach Lodge".    Price US$4.

Postmarked at  Stanley. The Trout cachet is the camp marking from San Carlos.

KEP10Jan01cvr.jpg (36227 bytes)

FALKLAND 21   2001 (January 11th) Cover from "Ernest Shackleton".    Price US$8.

Note: This cover is datestamped at King Edward Point on South Georgia. Interestingly the datestamp shows the date incorrectly as 2010 instead of 2001.

KEP10Jan01cvrback.jpg (23856 bytes)

We show at left the British Antarctic Survey sticker which is on the back of the above cover.

The "Ernest Shackleton" was at King Edward Point until the 14th january when it returned to Stanley.

We can supply some of these self-adhesive stickers at US$1 each.

Hanseatic29Ja01cvr.jpg (36660 bytes)

FALKLAND 22   2001 (January 29th) Cover from cruise vessel M.V. "Hanseatic"    Price US$5.

Note: The "Hanseatic" (Shown at right) is a regular caller at Port Stanley usually anchoring in the Southern Harbour .

Note: to see other covers, pictures and details of "Hanseatic" click here.

Hanseaticpica.jpg (28872 bytes)

MaximGorki6Fe01cvr.jpg (40393 bytes)

FALKLAND 23   2001 (February 6th) Cover posted by "Maxim Gorkiy"    Price US$5.

Note: to see other covers, pictures and details of Maxim Gorkiy click here.

DumCastle12Feb01cvr.jpg (28809 bytes)

FALKLAND 24   2001 (February 12th) Signed cover from HMS "Dumbarton Castle"    Price US$8.

Note: "Dumbarton Castle" is the regular Royal Navy Gaurd ship at Port Stanley.  To see other covers, photos and details of "Dumbarton Castle" click here.

NorwegianD14Fe01cvr.jpg (34810 bytes)

FALKLAND 25   2001 (February 14th) Cover from cruise vessel "Norwegian Dream".    Price US$5.

Note: The "Norwegian Dream" had called into Stanley several times during the 2000-2001 season with this cover coming from her visit on 9th February, 2001.

Diligence20Feb01cvr1.jpg (52420 bytes)

FALKLAND 26   2001 (February 20th) Signed cover from RFA vessel "Diligence".    Price US$8.

Note: The "Diligence" is a Royal Navy fleet Auxiliary vessel which provides support for other naval vessels and British units around the world. The primary reason for her visit was to assist in the handover of  King Edward Station in South Georgia from the Military to a Civilian administration.

DiligenceLeedscastle.jpg (14314 bytes)

The photo at left shows the RFA "Diligence" at left and the "Leeds Castle" at right moored together at King Edward Point during the hand over ceremonies in March 2001. the "Leeds Castle" is a sister ship to "Dumbarton Castle" and took over the role of Falklands guard ship from the later vessel.

LeedsDumb12Fe01cvr.jpg (48672 bytes)

FALKLAND 27   2001 (February 20th) Signed cover from both "Leeds and Dumbarton Castle".  Price US$10.

Rothera26Feb01cvr.jpg (32630 bytes)

FALKLAND 28   2001 (February 26th) Cover from Rothera BAT Base.    Price US$8.

RotherawithJCRoss.jpg (29961 bytes)

At left we can see the "James Clark Ross" at the Rothera BAS Base Wharf.

Vikingbord20Mr01cvr.jpg (38004 bytes)

FALKLAND 29   2001 (March 20th) Cover from the Cruise vessel "Viking Bordeaux".    Price US$5.

Note: the "Viking Bordeaux'   had called into Port Stanley on the 14th March having previously called in during November, 2000.

KEPointMar01cvr.jpg (53462 bytes)

FALKLAND 30   2001 (March 22th) Cover from King Edward Point.    Price US$8.

JCRKingEdwardpt.jpg (13611 bytes)

This picture shows the "James Clark Ross" at King Edward Point during this visit in March, 2001.

KEP22MR01bck.jpg (12526 bytes)

The above markings are on the reverse of the above cover indicating the cover was carried on the "James Clark Ross" It was received in Christchurch on 17th April, 2001.


KingEdwardPointpic.jpg (46058 bytes)

The above picture shows the base at King Edward Point with in the distance over the bay a view of the old whaling base of Gryvtkin.

KEPoint23Mar01cvra.jpg (29817 bytes)

FALKLAND 31   2001 (March 23rd) Cover from King Edward Point.    Price US$5.

KEP23Mr01AirDropcvr.jpg (34565 bytes)

FALKLAND 32   2001 (March 23rd) Cover from King Edward Point.    Price US$6.

Note: this cover bearing a 43p stamp has a RAF Air Drop cachet on it. It is not known when this was carried but in previous seasons mail has been parachuted onto King Edward Point by RAF aircraft and it is assumed that this was the case with this mail which has subsequently been kept aside at the base until postmarking on the handover date.

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