This section is designed to show some of our most recently acquired Antarctic items.  Just click on the page description for each item to have the item displayed along with background information.


FEBRUARY 6th, 2007

We have today created a new web page for the famous Swedish Icebreaker "Oden" as the 2006-07 season has seen its first venture into the Southern Hhemisphere and Antarctic waters. The vessel has been chartered by the US National Science Foundation to provide the icebreaking facilities for this seasons break in to McMurdo in the Ross Sea. The vessel has also undertaken a Multi-National Science programme involving scientists from Sweden, Chile and the USA. We have been luck enough to be able to arrange mail from this vessel which can be seen here.



We have created a new page for the Law-Racovita station opened last year by the Rumanian Polar Institute. This Base was previously the Australian AAT Law Base but was transferred to rumanian control in February, 2006.

To see this new page click here.



We have created a special page for Antarctic iceberg flights flown from the South Island of New Zealand during November 2006 when an Armada of 200 Antarctic icebergs unexpectedly turned up off the South Islands east coast. Check out our page here.

Posted 17th May, 2006

Click here to see a new page we have created for the latest (JARE 47) Japanese 2005-06 Antarctic Expedition of the Shirase

Posted 30th April, 2006

We have today produced a new page for the Indian Expedition chartered vessel "Paardeberg" which can be seen by clicking here.

Posted 25th April, 2006

We have today updated our page for the Russian oceanic yacht "Apostol Andrey" which has completed a circumnavigation of Antarctica last month adding eight more postal items from Lyttelton, Bellinghausen Base and Capetown port calls. The page for "Apostol Andrey" can be found here

We have also today produced a new page for the Indian National Headquarters in Goa, India. Covers and other postal items from the Indian Programme are very difficult to obtain so be sure to have a look at what we have on offer here.

Posted 17th April, 2006

We have today completely updated our Italian Antarctic pages. This includes new pages for the following two ships;

OGS Explora         Polar Queen (1983)

Posted 12th February, 2006

We have created a new web page for the French Exploration vessel Marion du Fresne which can be seen here

Posted 18th April, 2005

We have added a new pager for this seasons American Antarctic support tanker the Paul Buck. this can be seen here. We have also updated our page for the USA resupply vessel "American Tern" and now have its 2004-05 season trip covered.

Posted 12th April, 2005

Today it is the Russian Oceanic yacht "Apostol Andrey" which we have added a new page for. This vessel is in the middle of an Antarctic Circumnavigation and interestingly carries its own Russian Antarctic Expedition postmark on board. Certainly it is an Antarctic postmark not to be missed by collectors. Because of damage the vessel had to improvise with a rudder made from a door and undertake a perilous voyage from Dumont D'Urville to Wellington in New Zealand for repairs. our page for this interesting vessel can be found here

Posted 10th April, 2005

Our maion new page this weekend is for the Russian icebreaker "Krasin" which was chartered by the Americans to help break into McMurdo for the 2004-05 season. The ice this last season has been extremely thick and with one US Coast Guard icebreaker being repaired and the other needing repairs, the decision was made to hire the "Krasin". Naturally the Russians played this up reporting the "Krasin" as rescuing the American Programme. This wil be the only season the "Krasin" can be used and so the only chance to get mail from the vessel in Antarctic waters. Click here to see our web page on the "Krasin".

We have also updated our web page for Vostok Station adding 2 recent items here.

Posted 4th April, 2005

This weekend has been an Italian one. We have updated our pages adding last season items for the Italian Antarctic supply vessel "Italica" and the joint Italian/French Concordia Station. We have also created a new page for Mario Zucchelli Station.

Posted 28th March, 2005

We have added a web page for Heritage Expedition's new Antarctic expedition cruise vessel "Spirit of Enderby". This page can be seen here. We have also added a new page for the US research ship/icebreaker Nathaniel B Palmer covering items of the last two seasons. This page can be seen here  We have also updated our webpage for Antarctic patches by adding three new patches including one for the 75th Anniversary of Byrds historic South Pole flight. Our Antarctic Patches page can be found here

Posted February 7th 2005

Today we have uploaded a new page for the new Bulgarian Antarctic Base on Livingston Island called Tangra or Camp Academia. This temporary 2004 Camp had its own distinctive postmark and examples can be ordered here.

Posted January 3rd 2005

We have created a new page for covers from the Russian 2004 Antarctic Expedition. -This is the official name for the expedition attempting to retrieve a stranded Antanov-3B aircraft from the South Pole. This aircraft had come to grief there in January 2002. The 2004 expedition involving a large Ilyushin-76 aircraft and 35 people started out for the Antarctic from Christchurch in December 2004. We offer items from this expedition here

We have considerably expanded and brought up to date our page for the main Australian Antarctic support vessel "Aurora Australis" which can be found here.

We have also added to our page for the French supply vessel "L'Astrolabe". This can be found here.

Posted December 15th 2004

We have created a new page for SAFAIR which is the South African Aircraft company which provides logistic support for the Italian Antarctic Programme. This page can be seen here.

Posted 23rd May, 2004

We have created today a page for items issued celebrating the centennial of the Scott Expeditions. Click here to see this page.

Posted 10th May, 2004

Updated today are our Japanese Antarctic pages as the 2003-04 Expedition mail has come back from the Antarctic.   Click here for mail from Syowa Base and here for mail from the Icebreaker "Shirase".

Posted 2nd May, 2004

We have finally received mail from the 2003-04 Spanish Antarctic Expedition which returned to Spain last month  in the expedition vessel "Las Palmas". Mail from the expedition can be seen on our "Las Palmas" page here

We have also added an interesting cover to our page for the cruise ship "Nordnorge". This cover has been carried by the vessel in both the Antarctic and the Arctic and can be seen here

Posted 21st April, 2004

We have updated our page for the Uruguayan Antarctic supply vessel "Vanguardia" with the addition of a fascinating cover posted by the vessel at the Uruguayan "Artigas" Antarctic Base. this cover can be seen here.

Posted 18th April, 2004

We have updated pages for the following Antarctic vessels adding several new covers to most of the listings.

Tangaroa - We now have 6 different postal items available from this vessel.

Nathaniel B Palmer - We now offer 30 different postal items from this vessel.

Akademik Shokalskiy - We now offer 35 different items from this vessel.

Posted 11th April 2004

We have added recent covers to our page for QANTAS Antarctic tourist flights. This page can be seen here.

Posted 9th April 2004

This Easter weekend we have updated our Chinese Antarctic pages by adding several recent items to our pages for the expedition vessel "Xue Long", the two Bases "Great Wall Station" and "Zhong Shan Station". We have also created a new page offering recent Chinese Antarctic Expedition postcards sets as well as some maxi-cards. this new page can be seen here.

Posted 5th April 2004

We have created a special page for postal items from the 2004 Royal visit to Antarctica by the King of Spain which is claimed to be the first visit to the continent by a reigning monarch. this page can be seen here.

Posted 4th April 2004

We have updated our page for the US Antarctic supply vessel "American Tern" by adding various items from this last 2003-04 season. We have also added some very nice pictures of the vessel to our page so be sure to take a look at the page which can be found here

Posted 4th April 2004

Today we updated our web pages for ships operated by the British Antarctic Survey. We have included new more recent items from the following vessels.

Endurance       Ernest Shackleton      James Clark Ross

Posted 31st March 2004

We have today updated our page for the USCG Cutter "Polar Sea" and also added a new page for her sister ship the "Polar Star".

Posted 25th March 2004

We have updated our page about for Indonesian Antarctic expeditions by adding details of and covers and postcards from the 2003-04 Expedition. this page can be seen here

Posted 23rd March 2004

We have updated our Antarctic Patches page adding several older patches and some from this season from the American, New Zealand, Argentine, Australian and Chilean Antarctic programmes. Our Antarctic Patches page can be found here.

Posted 21st March, 2004

This last week has been "ITALIAN WEEK". We have updated our page for the Italian Expedition ship "Italica" with many more items added. We have also created new pages for the main Italian Antarctic "Terra Nova Bay" base and another for the joint Italian/French Base "Concordia". These pages can be seen by clicking on the following links;

Italica Antarctic Expedition ship

Concordia Italian/French joint base

Terra Nova Bay main Italian base

Posted 16th March, 2004

We have created a new page for the new Australian Antarctic Division's chartered ship, the large  Russian icebreaker cargo ship "Vasiliy Golovnin".  It can be found here

Posted 15th March, 2004

We have today added a "new" Antarctic vessel to our listing of Antarctic ships. This is the Russian Cruise vessel "Professor Multanovskiy".  We have some nice postal items from her 2002 cruise to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula which can be seen and purchased here.

We have also added further items to our pages for the following vessels. "Akademik Sergei Vavilov", the "Queen Elizabeth 2" and the "Star Princess".


Posted 15th December, 2003

Antarctic Solar Eclipse

On the 23rd/24th of November 2003 a rare night-time solar eclipse happened over a portion of the Antarctic Continent. Because of the high latitude and the fact that 24 hour a day sunlight happens during the Austral summer it is possible for a mid-night solar eclipse to happen in the Antarctic and such an event  happened this year.  Because it is such a rare event (The first one so far witnessed in the Antarctic) we made efforts to make sure it was celebrated philatelically. You can see our page of Antarctic Solar Eclipse 2003 here

Posted 14th September, 2003

A new ship has been added to our list of Antarctic ships with the addition of the United states Coast Guard Cutter/Icebreaker "Healy" which while designed for Arctic operations was in 2003 deployed to assist the "Polar Sea" during Deep Freeze'03 in the Ross Sea in the Antarctic. Our page for the "Healy" can be seen here.

Posted 20th August, 2003

We have added a 2003 Expedition postcard to our Indonesian Antarctic Expeditions page. It can be seen here

We have also added four new Polarogrammes to ur listings here

Posted 28th July, 2003

We have today added three new Antarctic Philatelic Literature titles to our offering of Antarctic handbooks. The books added are all 2003 editions and cover the topics of Italian Antarctic Expeditions, South African Antarctic and Sub- Antarctic postal history and Argentine Antarctic Base Postmarks.  These new books can be seen and ordered on our Philatelic Literature page here

Posted 19th July, 2003

A page added for Maria Marinescu, the Roumanian Professor who walked to the South Pole as part of the "Ski The Last Degree" Expedition. You can see her page here

Posted 6th July, 2003

A new page for the Spanish Antarctic Base "Juan Carlos 1" can be seen here

Posted 23 June, 2003

Today we have added some Australian Antarctic patches to our selection including some for an expedition to the rarely visited   Heard Island. You can see these at the bottom of our Antarctic Patches here

Posted 25 May, 2003

Something a bit different. In recent years we have often been asked for Antarctic Patches as worn by the various expedition, base, scientific and support staff  in Antarctica. These are difficult to source but we are pleased to now be able to offer a range of 18 different patches. these are all authentic machine embroidered patches as worn in the Antarctic. Take a look at what we have available here

Posted 7 May, 2003

Two new antarctic tourist ships have been added to our pages today with the listings of Grigoriy Mikheev and Polar Pioneer. Both of these are ex Soviet Union research vessels which have recently been refurbished and now operate as small sized expedition vessels from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula and surrounding islands.

Posted 28 April, 2003

We have received new 2002-2003 season covers from the Japanese JARE 44 expedition which has earlier this month returned to Tokyo on board the "Shirase". We have added covers to both our "Shirase" page and our "Syowa" Base page.

A page has also been added for the new Spanish Antarctic Base "Gabriel de Castilla"

We have also added new pages for the cruise vessels "Mare Australis" and "Silver Shadow"

Posted 22 April, 2003

Again we have been busy with the following new pages added;

A new page for the Spanish Antarctic supply vessel "Hesperides"

A new page for the Peru Antarctic Support vessel "Humboldt"

and updates for our pages for the Brazilian Antarctic supply vessel "Ary Rongel" , the Spanish Antarctic supply vessel "Las Palmas" and the Bulgarian Antarctic Base "St Kliment Ohridski"

Posted 20 April, 2003

Today's new page is a listing now for the Russian Research vessel "Akademik Ioffe". This vessel is chartered each season by Peregrine Antarctic Adventures and undertakes tourist cruises south from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula. We have covers available from the 2003 season additionally autographed by the New Zealand Adventure Philosophy team which can be seen here.

Posted 19 April, 2003

Our pages for Uruguay have been updated today. This includes pages for the Uruguayan supply vessel "Vanguardia" and for "Artigas" Uruguay Antarctic Base.

Posted 18 April, 2003

Our latest update is to our page for the Indian Antarctic base of Maitri. Envelopes from this base are difficult to obtain and we are fortunate to be able to offer some interesting covers and postcards including 2003 covers signed by the Maitri Base postmaster. Click here to view these.

We have also created a new page for the Dutch classic 3 masted sailing barque "Europa" which visited Antarctica in the 2002/2003 season. we have mail posted from her at King Edward Point on South Georgia which can be seen here

Posted 14 April, 2003

This 2003 season the American's have introduced a new supply vessel called "American Tern" to take over from the old "Green Wave" which has been proving unreliable as well as too small. We have photos and postal items from her inaugural voyage here.

Also added today is a page for the Australian Hydrographic survey vessel H.M.A.S. "Melville" which in 2001 attempted a Antarctic resupply trip to MacQuarie Island. This page can be seen here. For those interested in cruise liners we have added two nice pictorial airletters posted from Papeete, Tahiti from the German cruise ship "Astor"

Posted 6 April, 2003

A major update to our page on the Antarctic expedition vessel "Akademik Shokalskiy" including covers from her first voyage to the French Antarctic Islands of Crozet and Kerguelan as well as her latest trip to the Ross Sea. Click here.

Posted 19 March, 2003

We have added a page for the new environmental conservation vessel "Farley Mowat" which is operated by the International Sea Shepherd Society. This vessel in early 2003 undertook an Antarctic cruise hunting for the Japanese Whaling fleet. This page can be seen by clicking here.

Posted 20 February, 2003.

After many years waiting we can now announce the publication of Mark Jurisich's important book "A Postal History of Ross Dependency (New Zealand Antarctic) 1955-77". This 188 page handbook covers all the New Zealand expeditions and gives details of the persons involved, the various tasks they undertook and the mail, stamps, cachets and other aspects of philately that reflect this important time of Antarctic history. Details of this and other Antarctic books (Philatelic and non-philatelic) can be seen by clicking here.

Posted 14 February, 2003.

Today's addition is a new ship to our listings. The Australian FV "Austral Leader". This vessel works in the Southern and Antarctic Oceans and is the only vessel licensed to fish for Antarctic or Patagonian Toothfish in the waters around Macquarie Island. She has often carried Australian research scientists but this season brought a New Zealand Conservation party back from Macquarie Island on an official AAT voyage. To see details click here

Posted 6 February, 2003.

We have updated our page for the German Polar Air Flight  which provides air support for several bases in the Antarctic adding covers from the 2002-2003 season.

We have also added a page for the Argentine tourist expedition vessel "Ice Lady Patagonia" which can be seen here.

Posted 3 February, 2003.

Today we have added a nice new cover on our page the French Antarctic vessel L'Astrolabe which can be found here.

We have also added new covers to our pages for "World Discoverer" and have created new pages for the cruise vessels "Columbus" and "Zenith".

Posted 10 January, 2003.

We have extended the page for the "Nordnorge" Antarctic cruise liner.

Posted 2nd January, 2003

New pages added for new Antarctic cruise vessels


"World Discoverer" 2002 replacing the old vessel of the same name.

and we have added new covers to our page for the antarctic cruise liner


Posted 26th December, 2002

Our page for the Chinese icebreaker/supply ship "Xue Long" has been considerably updated with the last two expeditions now added. We have also added a new page for the Chinese oceanographic vessel "Ji Di" which transported the 6th Chinare Antarctic expedition in 1989-1990.

We have also updated and added new material for the following two pages.

American chartered Antarctic supply ship "Yuzhmorgeologiya" and the American Icebreaker/supply ship "Laurence M. Gould" which both work out of Punta Arenas serving the American Palmer Station plus several field camps in the Antarctic Peninsula area. On our "Gould" page there are covers from both the Copacabana Field Camp and the Cape Shirreff Field Station.

Posted 23rd December, 2002

We have updated including adding new items to our pages for both Chinese Antarctic Bases. Click here to see our Great Wall Station page and here to see our page for Zhong Shan Station.

Posted 1st December, 2002

A new page has been added to the web site for the Argentine icebreaker "Almirante Irizar". This includes some fabulous covers from the 2002 rescue attempt to free the trapped German supply vessel "Magdalena Oldendorff". The page can be seen here.

Posted 17th November, 2002

We have added pages today for the following;

2002 first ever Indonesian Antarctic Expedition

2002 Swedish Nordenskjold Centenary expedition to Snow Hill

Posted 22nd July, 2002

We have today added a new page of July 2002 Antarctic Cover Specials. This page contains 50 items not previouisly offered including many recent scarcer items. this page can be seen here

Posted 2nd June, 2002

Updated today is our page for the Australian Antarctic expedition vessel "Sir Hubert Wilkins" where we now list several covers from its first and second Antarctic expeditions in December 2000 to March 2001. This page may be found here.   This vessel is currently for sale so it is possible this may be the only chance to obtain Antarctic expedition covers from this remarkable vessel which was previously a state vessel of Finland.

Posted 2nd May, 2002

Continuing the Japanese theme we have updated our page for the New Zealand research vessel "Tangaroa" which in February/March 2002 was chartered by the Japanese National Institute of Polar Research for work in Antarctic waters off the TAAF coast near Dumont D'Urville Base. this was an official JARE 43 expedition. To see our "Tangaroa" page click here.

Posted 25th April, 2002

Updated today are the pages for the Japanese Icebreakers "Shirase" and the Japanese Syowa Antarctic Base.   Click for "Shirase" and for Syowa.

Posted 2nd April, 2002

We have today added a page for the 2001 "Students on Ice" expedition on board the Tourist ice breaker "Polar Star".

Posted 31st March, 2002

Updates today includes a new page created for the US Antarctic supply tanker Gus W. Darnell and additions to the existing page for the US Supply ship "Green Wave" adding covers from this last seasons voyage.

Posted 30th March, 2002

We have added a page with philatelic covers from the US Scripps Oceanographic Research vessel "Melville" which was recently involved in the SOFeX program in Antarctic waters.  Click here to view this page

We have also added several covers to the page we have on her sister ship, the "Roger Revelle" which was also involved in the SOFeX program. Click here to see this page.

Also added are some nice QANTAS Antarctic flight postcards carried on last new years Antarctic tourist flight operated by Qantas and Croydon Travel. See this page here.

Posted 6th September, 2001

We have added a new page with many covers from the Falkland Islands and British Antarctic Territories including South Georgia. This page includes many items from British Antarctic Ships plus some cruise liners based in Southern Amercian and Antarctic waters. This page can be seen by clicking here.

Posted 10th July, 2001

Following many requests we have added a page showing all the Antarctic Polarogrammes and giving details of which ones we currently have available. These can be purchased at US$1 each in unused condition if you want to arrange to have them posted yourself or we can supply most already used in the Antarctic with appropriate markings and postmarks at US$5 each. This page can be found by clicking here.

Posted 1st July, 2001


This project on the sub-Antarctic Campbell Island is the world's largest attempt at a pest eradication. Planned for mid-winter when food sources are scarce the project involves a large team, 2 ships and 5 helicopters. We have a page for the background to the project and also a page showing expedition mail.

Expedition Background and photos.

Expedition Mail.

Posted 11th June, 2001

This weekend has seen new pages created for the two Chinese Antarctic Stations. These pages can be seen by clicking on their names below;



Posted 4th June, 2001

We have added pages for two new Antarctic vessels and also added a new page for another Antarctic Base. The vessels we have new Antarctic pages for are;

Magdalena Oldendorff

Las Palmas

And the new base is the Indian Maitri Antarctic Base.

We have also added new 2001 covers to our page for the Bulgarian St. Khliment Ohridski Base.

and a special page for the QANTAS Millennium Antarctic Tourist flight

Posted 26th May, 2001

New pages have been created for the Russian Progress II Base and nearby Law Base both in the Larsemann Hills not far from Davis Base in East Antarctica.

We have also added a page for the Russian Vostok Antarctic Base.

Posted 16th April, 2001

We have uploaded a new page for the Mawson's Huts restoration expedition to Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay, AAT. This page has covers for sale with a rare 2001 AAT postmark.  It can be seen here.

A new page showing covers from the Dutch "Origin" 2000-2001 South Pole Expedition.

We have listed some Brasil Antarctic theme First Day Covers here.

Posted 15th April, 2001

McMurdo Fire Department now has its own page and philatelic covers

We have added a page for the Tromso Antarctic Treaty Meeting in Norway 1998

Posted 13th April, 2001

We have added two pages for the controversial Norwegian South Pole 2000-2001 Expedition which changed into a record breaking trans-Antarctic trek all the way from Troll Station to the Ross Sea. We have a page listing philatelic covers here and a page showing photos from the expedition here

Posted Ist April, 2001

New page with covers from Dutch vessel "Archangelgracht" under US charter. We have also added a separate page showing photos taken during the vessel's visit to Lyttelton and its trip south to McMurdo and return. These photos can be seen here.

A  page has been added for the new Australian vessel "Southern Champion"

Our page for the New Zealand research vessel "Tangaroa" has been considerably enlarged following its return from a mapping season in the Ross Sea.


Our  page for the New Zealand vessel "Braveheart" has been updated with new material added following the vessels involvement in the recent Ice Island Expedition to the Ross Sea.


Several covers have been added to our existing page for the German ice-strengthened expedition tourist vessel "Bremen" covering its recent Antarctic circumnavigation  trip.

Posted 4th January, 2001

New page produced for Japanese Whale Chasers involved in Whaling Commission research expwedition

Posted 30th December 2000

New page produced for Korean King Sejong Antarctic Base.

Posted 22nd December 2000

New page done for Byrd Surface Camp

New cover added to our page for Brasilian Commandante Ferraz Base

Posted 17th December 2000

New page made for Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station for 2000-2001 Season

Page updated for Sir Hubert Wilkins - Australian privately owned Antarctic vessel

Additions made to "Nathaniel B Palmer" American Icebreaker page with 3 new covers

Posted 14th December 2000

Additions made to page of "Akademik Shokalskiy"

Additions made to page of "Shirase" Japanese Icebreaker.

Posted 30th November 2000

New page done for Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Posted 26th November 2000

Many additions made to page for Polar Bird

Posted 8th September 2000

New page with covers from German Polar Air crews in Antarctic

Posted 21st June 2000

New Pages for Mid-Winter at Operation Deep Freeze and 88th Birthday of Dr Phillip Law.

Posted 6th February 2000

Russian Millennium 2000 Antarctic Expedition (Ballooning and Skydiving)

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