Chilean "ARTURO PRAT" Antarctic Base

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"Arturo Prat" is a long established permanent Chilean Antarctic base situated on Greenwich Island in the South Shetland Group of Islands alongside the Antarctic Peninsula.  The covers received from "Arturo Prat" recently all have postmarks applied in a light blue colour which do not show up well in scans. The actual postmarks show up much better when viewed themselves.

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PRAT 1.   1999 (3rd October ) cover from "Arturo Prat" Base"with naval sticker and base cachet    Price US$4

Note: The stamp on this cover shows a nice view of the "Arturo Prat" Base.  The cancellation is the "Arturo Prat" postmark in the usual light blue ink. The blue cachet at the bottom is for the Chilean Navy (Armada).

ChileArturoPrat.jpg (55584 bytes)

PRAT 2.   1999 (27th September) cover from "Arturo Prat" Base"with naval sticker and 2 cachets    Price US$4

The above cover has 2 different cachets as well as the Chilean Navy sticker at bottom left. The tall stamp also shows a view of "Arturo Prat" Base.

ArturoPratc2.jpg (66154 bytes)

PRAT 3.   1999 (3rd October) cover from "Arturo Prat" Base"with naval cachet    Price US$4

Note: Postage at the time this cover was posted was $360 for airmail to New Zealand and hence the 6 x $10.50 penguin stamps as well as the single $300 stamp.

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