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The Pole to Pole 2000 South Pole Expedition team of 9 skiers arrived at the Geographic South Pole about noon (South Pole local time) on the 31st December, 2000. This is about Midnight on the 30th December GMT.

The team led by the experienced Martyn Williams of Canada also comprises 8 young people from 7 different nations are part of an international expedition which left the Magnetic North Pole on 5th April, 2000 and travelled via North and South America to Punta Arenas in Chile. from there they flew by Adventure Network International aircraft to Patriot Hills and from there commenced perhaps the hardest party of the expedition which was an overland ski trip to the Geographic South Pole.

The following photos of the groups arrival at the South Pole are thanks to Scott F Smith.

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The Pole to Pole 2000 team approaching the ceremonial South Pole pulling sledges.

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A closer view as they approach.

P2Pskiers2.jpg (44856 bytes)

Having removed skis and sledges the team walks to the ceremonial Pole.

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With most expedition members surrounding the ceremonial pole itself another of the expedition members is welcomed by an American from the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station.

P2Pskiers4.jpg (49133 bytes)

In this view we can see all 9 expedition members (plus an American in Red jacket at left)  with the circle of Flags of Antarctic Treaty Nations in the background and at right the construction of the new South Pole Station with the communication tower clearly visible.  The existing dome station is only partly visible to the left of the American "Stars and Stripes" flag in the center.

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Logistic support for the team was provided by three Adventure Network International aircraft, two Twin otters seen here behind the ceremonial South Pole and a Cessna.

P2PAircraft2.jpg (41322 bytes)

A better view of the two ANI Twin Otter aircraft.

P2PAircraft3.jpg (31301 bytes)

A view of the aircraft looking back towards the South Pole. The triangular shape in the background is a large pile of snow created from excavations for the new South Pole station.

P2PAircraft4.jpg (34097 bytes)

A close up view of one of the aircraft showing the Canadian flag on the back indicating the aircraft's registry.

Pole2Polegeo1.jpg (46105 bytes)

This photo taken on the 1st of January, 2001 shows the group at the true geographic South Pole with the noticeboard in the background

Pole2Polegeo2.jpg (80018 bytes)

This photo shows all expedition members posed in ront of the true South Pole which is marked by the metal rod in front. this rod is moved each month by the US Geological people at the South Pole after measurements are made to work out the movement of the pole in relationship to ther surface of the ice cap.


Expedition Members were; Martyn Williams [leader] and Dylan Spencer (both Canada), Jay Choi (South Korea), Devlin Fogg (South Africa), Jessica Casas and Heidi Hausman (both U.S.), Mercedes Rosauer (Argentina), Naoki Ishikawa (Japan) and  Renaurd Richard (France).

Contrary to original intentions for 4 members to return by ski it is now understood that all 9 members have returned to Patriot Hills by aircraft on the 1st of January 2001.

For further details of this expedition you can visit the Pole to Pole 2000 web site

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