We list here books we stock which are firstly philatelic handbooks dealing with Antarctic and sub-Antarctic philately and then we list non philatelic books which are also usefull to philatelists because of the background information they contain. 

Freight/Postage on these books depends on where the book is to be sent and by which method but we will on request use good philatelic stamps and arrange to have them nicely hand cancelled so that most of the postal charges can be recovered this way.

    --------------  PHILATELIC HANDBOOKS  ---------------


112 pages published 1997.

This book covers the heroic age of Antarctic exploration with a full account of the postal items associated with Scott, Shackleton, davis and the early Byrd Expeditions. It details all dates known for the early expedition mail and gives list of mail recipients and has a good coverage of the picture postcards associated with these expeditions.

           Price US$30  plus  postage                (Author signed copies available)

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"A POSTAL HISTORY of ROSS DEPENDENCY (New Zealand Antarctic) 1955 - 77 " by Mark Jurisich.

187 pages Published 2003.

This publication will be the handbook for Ross Dependency philately for many years as it systematically covers all the events and the resultant philately for the period 1955 to 1977. Well illustrated with hundreds of philatelic covers it details all the New Zealanders involved each year, the events undertaken and of course the various cachets and other important aspects of Ross Dependency philately.

           Price US$30 plus postage.             (Author signed copies available)


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16 page monograph covering all the postmarks to be found on Ross Dependency stamps either at Scott Base or from the Ross Agency in Christchurch. It also covers the pictorial First day of issue cancellations from the Wanganui Philatelic Bureau for all Ross Dependency stamp issues.

Published July 2003.

Price US$8 including postage.  

(Author signed copies available)

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CampbellIslandbookMJ2003.jpg (38508 bytes) "A Postal History of Campbell Island (N.Z.)" by Mark Jurisich.

58 pages.

Campbell Island is a sub-Antarctic island 660 km south of New Zealand. From 1952 to 1995 it had a permanent weather station and post office. We now have copies of the new 2003 considerably expanded edition which brings the story up to date to the latest 2001 expedition to the islands.

Price US$18  plus  postage

"A Postal History of Italian Antarctic Expeditions"  1957 - 1995

by Mark Jurisich.

37 well illustrated A4 size pages covering all Italian Antarctic expeditions both official and private including several to the Antarctic Peninsula area although of course it concentrates on the Ross sea area.  Published July 2003.

Price US$15  plus  postage

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ArgentinePHBook.jpg (39132 bytes) "ARGENTINE ANTARCTIC BASES - an update" by  Mark Jurisich & Kevin Brown.

Published June 2003, this 27 page A4 sized fully illustrated monograph depicts all the Argentine Antarctic Base postmarks from all 23 different Antarctic bases or refuges.

Price US$10  plus  postage



45 A4 pages covering Marion Island, Gough Island and other offshore mail as well as S.A.N.A.E. from the Antarctic continent. Published June 2003.

Price US$15  plus  postage


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    --------------  NON- PHILATELIC HANDBOOKS  ---------------

"ANTARCTICA" Lonely Planet Guide

by Jeff Rubin

376 pages - 2000 (2nd edition)

This book has the latest tourist details and facts about the continent and the 6 main gateway cities. It has a 32 page full colour wildlife guide and even an article about Antarctic Philately by Steven McLachlan. Plenty of historical details and a good read make this the best selling Antarctic book.

Price US$15  plus  postage

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BookGatewaytoTheIce.jpg (55822 bytes) "Gateway to the Ice - Christchurch International Airport - Antarctic Air links from 1955" by Tony Phillips.

112 pages plus enclosed map. 2001.

This highly recommended publication details every aircraft which has flown to the Antarctic from New Zealand including helicopters carried on board ships. Profusely illustrated with views taken both in the Antarctic and in New Zealand it also goes through each season year by year.

Price US$30  plus  postage

We have author autographed copies.

"That First Antarctic Winter" by Janet Crawford.

270 pages. 1998 first edition.

Subtitled "The story of the Southern Cross Expedition of 1898-1900 as told in the diaries of Louis Charles Bernacchi". In actual fact the book is much more than that sub-title. It deals with the British Antarctic Expedition of Carsten Borchgrevink to cape Adare where the first wintering on the continent took place in 1899.

Price US$35  plus  postage

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"VANDA STATION: History of an Antarctic Outpost 1968-1995" by David Harrowfield.

52 pages. 1999 first edition.

This book details the history of this well known (but now defunct) station situated in the Wright Dry Valley beside Lake Vanda.

Price US$15  plus  postage

We have author autographed copies.

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(BookScottBaseHarrowfield.jpg (70417 bytes) "SCOTT BASE ANTARCTICA: A History of New Zealand's southern-most station 1957-1997" by David Harrowfield.

48 pages. 1997 first edition.

Detailing the history of the main New Zealand Antarctic base situated on Ross Island.

Price US$15  plus  postage

We have author autographed copies.


1955 - 1956   &   1958 - 1960

By George Poppleton.

A 234 page book published in 2002 it contains   interesting stories of time on the island by the Met Station Leader, George Poppleton written in a easy and interesting manner. It deals with the visiting ships, handling philatelic mails, a tidal wave, Dx'ing and of course the unique wildlife and flora on this sub-Antarctic outpost. Well illustrated with many in colour.

US$35 plus postage

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BookLAffaireJeanBart.jpg (40012 bytes)  


The"Jean Bart" Affair by Caroline Cambridge and Peter Tremewan.

This is a 2002 reprint of a 1998 132 page monograph produced by the University of Canterbury's French Department which deals mainly with the Chatham Islands and early French involvement including the little known but fascinating account of the 1838 French whaler "Jean Bart" which had all its crew murdered by local Maori in the Chathams in 1838. The book also deals with other vessels in the same period including the early French whaling fleets of the 1830's and 1840's. Includes research on the affair gathered by the french warship "Heroine" which was sent to investigate.

Price US$12 plus postage.


"Call of the Ice" 2007 by David L. Harrowfield. 

This covers fifty years of New Zealand on ice. 242 pages with great photos and much important information by the noted Antarctic historian. Available in either hardbound or softcover.

Hardcover.  US$40.00 plus postage

Softcover.  US$35.00 plus postage

Note We can supply autographed copies at no extra cost.


We will add to this list in the near future.

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