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On  January 17th, 2001, the 36 metre expedition vessel "Braveheart" departed Lyttelton for the Ross Sea in Antarctica with a non-government expedition team to study and document the largest recorded iceberg B15 which had broken off the Ross Ice Shelf the previous year.


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The expedition is partly sponsored by the (US) National Geographic Society.

It is co-led by Dr Gregory Stone of the New England Aquarium in Boston Massachusetts and Wes Skiles a well known cinematographer and  leader of several previous exploration expeditions.

Wes Skiles is shown at left.

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The Expeditions vessel is  "Braveheart" shown above docked in Lyttelton.

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The Captain of "Braveheart" is Iain Kerr shown here before departure.


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"Braveheart" alongside the wharf in the inner harbour in Lyttelton


At right is the Bridge of    "Braveheart" BraveheartBridge.jpg (31869 bytes)


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"Braveheart" carried a small "Hughes 300"  2 man helicopter on her deck.


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Leaving her berth at 8.10pm


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A view showing the low freeboard on "Braveheart"


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Moving towards the inner mole with a zodiac filming in hot persuit


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Sailing   past the outer mole with the zodiac and a pilot boat in attendence


The " Braveheart" is expected back in New Zealand about the 10th of March.

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