- The German Antarctic Geodetic Receiving Station.

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The Chilean Base "General Bernardo O'Higgins" was founded in 1948 and is located on the Antarctic mainland at the tip or northern most extremity of the Antarctic Peninsula.  It normally has at least 30 people in residence in summer. It is administered by the Chilean armed forces.

Its main scientific emphasis these days is on astronomy. In 1992 The German and Chilean Governments signed an agreement for a joint Satellite station under the German ERS-programme. Most satellite work is controlled by remote signal from Germany but a significant number of German personnel visit and work at the base each year.

The covers and postcards below are all from or to the Geodetic Observatory Station.

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O'Higgins 1.   1999 (22nd February) Special postcard with view of Observatory    Price US$4

Note: The postcard above has the regular "Bernardo O'Higgins" base postmark and  one cachet on the front.

The three cachets shown at right are on the reverse on the above picture postcard.

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O'Higgins 2.   1997 (31st December) German envelope  from Wessling Observatory base.   Price US$4

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Note: The postmarks shown at left are on the reverse of the envelope above.

The envelope is postmarked with the special pictorial machine cancellation from the German Antarctic Ground station's base back in Germany. it  has a pictorial view of the station in the Antarctic.

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O'Higgins 3.   1999 (10th November) Envelope  from German Observatory at "Bernardo O'Higgins".   Price US$4

Note: The above cover has three cachets including surprisingly two in English.

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O'Higgins 4.   1999 (10th November)  Special Postcard from Observatory station    Price US$4

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O'Higgins 5.   1999 (10th November)  Special Postcard from Observatory station    Price US$4

Note:This postcard has an extra cachet from the previous card.  Both cards arrived in Christchurch on 1st December 1999 and are backstamped accordingly.

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O'Higgins 6.   1999 (10th November)  Envelope from German Observatory station    Price US$6

Note: this cover has two signatures of German scientists involved at the receiving station - Andreas Reinhold and Reiner Wojdziak.

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O'Higgins 7.   1999 (10th November)  Postcard from German Observatory station    Price US$5

Note: this card has a German stamp posted "Paquebot"at "Bernardo O'Higgins" Antarctic Base. It also bears at top center a sticker of the German Cartographic and Geographic Institute in Leipzig.

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O'Higgins 8.   1999 (10th November)  Envelope from "O'Higgins" Base with 2 cachets.   Price US$5

Note: This cover is franked with two Chilean stamps which actually show the historic Monument at the base  for the geographical centre of Chile. this monument also features in the cachet at the left. Because the 2 Chilean stamps were only enough to pay internal postage, the balance has been added by the use of a special meter machine stamp in Punta Arenas.

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O'Higgins 9.   2000 (17th February)  Special postcard from receiving station.   Price US$5

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O'Higgins 10.   2000 (October 13th)  Special postcard from receiving station.   Price US$5

Note: This card is autographed at the bottom by the German Scientist Andreas Reinhold who travels to the Base at least twice a year. The special postcard is the second of an eventual  series of 6 cards issued by "bkg" which operates the German Geodetic Observatory at O'Higgins.  The postcard is backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on 31st October, 2000.

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