The Dutch   "Origin" South Pole Expedition of Marc Cornelissen and Wilco van Rooijen left Punta Arenas on November 9th and arrived at the South Pole on the 27th December 2000.   They  remained  at the South Pole for 2 days before returning to Patriot Hills by foot.

We have photos of the expedition here

OriginPuntacvr.jpg (55920 bytes)

ORIGIN 1  2000 (October 25) Expedition cover posted from Punta Arenas.   US$4

Note; The above cover has the official Origin Expedition logo at bottom left and above that are the two Adventure Network International rubber cachets.  These rubber stamps are located at the ANI office in Punta Arenas but only applied to mail from ANI supported South Pole expeditions.

SPDutchOriginsigcvr.jpg (52594 bytes)

ORIGIN 2  2000 (December 27) Signed expedition cover posted at South Pole station.   US$10

Note; this cover was signed by Marc and Wilco while they were at the South Pole.

We have photos of the expedition here

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