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The Dutch "Sasquatch" or "Origin" South Pole Expedition comprised the two man team of Marc Cornelissen and Wilco van Rooijen who left Punta Arenas on November 9th to walk to the South Pole and back from Patriot Hills.

They  arrived at the South Pole on the 27th December 2000 at 21.45 gmt (28 December 10.45 Local Time) both appearing in good spirits and good health. They  remained  at the South Pole for 2 days before returning to Patriot Hills by foot.

The following photos of their arrival at the South Pole were taken by Katy Jensen or Neil Conant.

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Arriving at the South Pole and the circle of flags

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Arrival at the Ceremonial Pole pulling their "Origin" sledges

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Congratulating each other on their success

Origin3.jpg (62601 bytes)

The Expedition team triumphant!

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Marc and Wilco posing for photos over the South Pole Globe

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The cane pole in the middle is the actual South Pole as measured monthly by NSF.

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Marc and Wilco with the Geographic South Pole board behind

Origin6.jpg (61725 bytes)

This notice board close to the actual South Pole says it all!

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Marc and Wilco in the South Pole Communications room.

We have for sale philatelic covers from this expedition which can be seen here

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