This was the first Danish expedition ever to ski to the South Pole.

They reached their goal at 11.15am on January the 13th 2001 when Kristian Joos (37) and Gregers Gjersoe (43) thereby managed to walk the distance of 1200 km from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole  in 55 days.

The following 5 photos were taken by Scott F. Smith.

danes01.jpg (61699 bytes)

The two Danes approaching the ceremonial South Pole


danes02.jpg (58734 bytes)

Getting closer to their goal.


danes03.jpg (58896 bytes)

Close to the ceremonial South Pole


danes04.jpg (53566 bytes)

At the ceremonial South Pole


danes05.jpg (61564 bytes)

At the Geographic South Pole.

The following 7 photos were taken by Katy Jensen, the Raytheon Area Manager for the South Pole.

Danish11.jpg (64235 bytes)

At the ceremonial South Pole with American Scott F Smith looking on at left.


Danish6.jpg (46571 bytes)

Arriving at the Geographic South pole.


Danish7.jpg (41905 bytes)

The final Pole beside the Display board is the actual Geographic South Pole.


Danish8.jpg (52474 bytes)

Posing for photos at the Geographic South Pole


Danish9.jpg (59477 bytes)

A close up shot of Christian and Gregers.


Danish10.jpg (58962 bytes)

Posing in front of the Geographic South Pole sign.


The two Danes arrived in reasonable condition although showing signs of tiredness and suffering from the strong sun. They were scheduled to be flown out from the Pole back to patriot hills by Adventure network aircraft on the 15th of January, 2001.

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