Brasil has had a presence in the Antarctic for several decades and has demonstarted this interest by issuing postage stamps with an Antarctic theme. The following first day covers have not been to the Antarctic but never-the-less fit within a collection of Antarctic Philately.

BrasilFDC87cvr.jpg (38668 bytes)

BRASILFDC 1      1987 (March 9th) FDC for Brasilian Antarctic participation.     US$2

BrasilFDC91cvr.jpg (29397 bytes)

BRASILFDC 2      1991 (February 20th) FDC for visit of Brasil President to Antarctica.    US$3

AntBrazil91.jpg (31948 bytes)

BRASILFDC 3   1991 Mint single stamp showing penguins and seals as above.     US$3

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