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  "Your Expedition" trekkers Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen  reached the South Geographic Pole in the early hours (4am) of 16 January 2001 after a sixty-three day, 1,800 km journey from 'Blue 1' in Dronning Maud Land.  They stayed at the South Pole for only 24 hours before resuming their journey to Ross Island in their attempt to be the first  women only team to ski and sail across the Antarctic Continent. They have at least another 1402 km to reach Ross Island via the Shackleton Glacier and the Ross Ice shelf. They hope to reach Ross Island in time to be picked up by the Australian Expedition ship "Sir Hubert Wilkins" in mid February 2001.

The following photos were taken by Scott F. Smith and others.  Unlike most other expeditions this season because the trekkers arrived in the early morning we do not have any photos showing their arrival.


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The photo at left shows Liv (at left) and Ann at the entrance to The South Pole Station.
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An interesting view of Liv and Ann taken from the ice surface!


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Inside the South Pole Station with Liv at left.


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Here we see Ann and Liv's camp site situated near the American South Pole Station.


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This photo shows Ann and Liv with Scott F Smith in the middle.


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Liv at the ceremonial South Pole


P1180006.jpg (46819 bytes)

Liv (at left) and Ann posing at the ceremonial South Pole.


P1180009.jpg (41727 bytes)

Ann (at left) and Liv with their respective National flags at the geographic South Pole which is the metal pole in the ice beside Ann.


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A more interesting angle to the previous photo which also shows in the background at left their "Your Expedition" tent.


P1180011.jpg (41795 bytes)

Sorting out equipment at the camp


P1180012.jpg (43829 bytes)

Another view with Ann and Liv beside their tent.


P1010004.JPG (37183 bytes)

Here we can see Ann and Liv breaking  camp at the South Pole.


P1010016.jpg (55647 bytes)

One of the "Your Expedition" Sledges.


P1010017.jpg (44195 bytes)

Preparing to Sail off.


P1010018.jpg (46012 bytes)

The first Parasail is up.


P1010019.jpg (46874 bytes)

Ann and Liv leaving the South Pole with the aid of their ParaSails.


P1010020.jpg (35668 bytes)

Off to the Ross Sea with Parasails flying.

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