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The "World Discoverer" is a 2002 replacement for an earlier vessel of the same name lost in a shipwreck in the Solomon Islands in 2001. The new "World Discoverer" is specially designed for expedition cruising to remote and high latitude locations.  It has a Swedish/Finnish 1A Ice Classification. It has 85 state-rooms all with ocean views and is air conditioned throughout. It boasts 2 elevators and a fleet of 12 zodiacs. The photo above shows the "World Discoverer" tied up alongside at Punta Arenas in Southern Chile on the 20th November 2002 at the end of an Antarctic cruise.

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WORLDDIS 1.   2002 (November 20th) Envelope posted Punta Arenas ex Antarctic cruise.  Price US$5.

WorldDiscoverer2Nov02PUQpc.jpg (54014 bytes)

WORLDDIS 2.   2002 (November 20th) Postcard posted Paquebot at Punta Arenas .  Price US$6.

Note: The view at right is the picture side of the above picture postcard.  The postcard has been issued by the vessels German owners.

The German stamps used on the postcard are allowable because the vessel is German owned and thus entitled to use German stamps on mail at its first port of call in any country as per UPU postal regulations.

WorldDiscoverer2Nov02PUQpcpic.jpg (33467 bytes)

WorldDis2002pcc.jpg (43222 bytes)

WORLDDIS 3.   2003 (January 6th) Postcard posted at Ushuaia .  Price US$5.

Note: the above official postcard (same as the previous item) has had the postage paid by a Argentine vending machine stamp of a kind not previously seen by us. The postcard was received in Christchurch on 16 January, 2003.

WorldDis2002envUsh.jpg (58003 bytes)

WORLDDIS 4.   2003 (January 6th) Envelope posted at Ushuaia .  Price US$5.

Note: This envelope was posted at Ushuaia at the end of her Antarctic cruise.

WorlddisUshFalkcvr1.jpg (66337 bytes)

WORLDDIS 5.   2003 (January 6th) Envelope posted at Ushuaia to Port Stanley.  Price US$6.

Note: The above envelope has had the postage paid by a recently introduced machine vended self-adhesive stamp. Backstamped on arrival at Stanley on 27 January, 2003.

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