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The American research vessel "Nathaniel B. Palmer" has continued to be based at Lyttelton although most of her time is spent on research cruises mostly in the Ross Sea area although sometimes as far afield as the Antarctic Peninsula during which she will base herself at Punta Arenas.

She is shown at left entering the Lyttelton inner harbour in 2004


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PALMER 30   2004 (April 13th)  Envelope posted Paquebot through Ross Agency.   US$8

Note: the above cover bears a previously unseen sticker/cinderella at lower left. The vessel had just completed a 4 month expedition to the Ross Sea returning to Lyttelton on Friday 9th April which was good Friday and as Post Offices were not opened again until after Easter on tuesday 13th April, this envelope hasn't been postmarked until then. the Nathaniel B Palmer only remained in Lyttelton for 6 days before once again heading south for a winter cruise.

NBP8Dec04envPaqLyt.jpg (32266 bytes)

PALMER 31   2004 (December 8th)  Envelope posted Paquebot at Lyttelton.   US$8

NBPLyt8Dec04pic.jpg (23052 bytes)

The picture at left shows the vessel tied up at Lyttelton on 8th December, 2004. the vessel had just returned from the Antarctic late on the 6th of December after laying a series of under-water buoys in the approach to the Ross Sea. After a short replenishment and crew changes the vessel departed Lyttelton again on the 11th December bound back to the Ross Sea for marine research and to retrieve the buoys.

NBP8Dec04pcPaqRoss.jpg (48759 bytes)

PALMER 32   2004 (December 8th)  Postcard posted Paquebot through Ross Agency.   US$8

The above postcard shows a detailed map of the Ross Sea. It bears USA stamps and has the scarce Ross Dependency Paquebot postmark only applied to mail from foreign registered vessels which arrive from the Antarctic.

NBP8Dec04pcRoss.jpg (51556 bytes)

PALMER 33   2004 (December 8th)  Postcard posted  through Ross Agency.   US$6

The above postcard differs from the previous one by having a pair of different ships cachets and also by bearing a Ross Dependency stamp which has been postmarked with the regular Ross Dependency steel postmark.

The view at right shows the "Nathaniel B. Palmer" in McMurdo Sound in January, 2005 along with the Russian icebreaker "Krasin" which was helping the American programme open the ice channel to McMurdo.

NBPandRussianIcebreaker.jpg (24738 bytes)

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PALMER 34   2005 (February 16th)  Polarogramme posted Paquebot through Ross Agency.   US$8

NBPPolaroFeb05back.jpg (46431 bytes)

JenniferDreyer_600.jpg (68440 bytes)

The above Polarogramme is autographed on the back (as shown above) by Jennifer Dreyer, a marine scientist working on board the "Nathaniel B. Palmer".  Jennifer is shown at right.

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