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The "Healy" is a modern American icebreaker commissioned in 2000 for use in the Arctic. It is a fully equipped science support vessel and carries a helicopter. Based in Seattle it usually operates in the Alaska, Bering Straits, Arctic Ocean areas but in 2003 was dispatched (January 9th) to the Antarctic in support of Deep Freeze'03 to assist the "Polar Sea" which was having trouble with the exceptionally thick ice in the Ross Sea.

The "Healy" which was designed for breaking 1.5 metre thick Arctic ice proved useful in keeping the ice channel into McMurdo groomed after the more powerful "Polar Sea" had first cut the channel. After several weeks working in the Ross Sea the crew were given a day off at McMurdo on February 26th 2003 before the vessel left to return via Hobart to Seattle returning home on April 3rd.

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HEALY 1.   2003 (February 26th) Envelope posted McMurdo Station.  Price US$5

Note: the above envelope bears the American Antarctic Programme sticker (shown at right) on its reverse.

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HEALY 2.   2003 (February 26th) Postcard posted McMurdo Station.  Price US$5

Note: At right we show the picture side of the above offered postcard.

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HEALY 3.   2003 (April 3rd) Envelope posted Seattle on return.  Price US$5

All the mail taken back to Seattle and posted from from there received various markings such as the ships cachet on the reverse and various OCR markings on the bottom but strangely none seen so far have had the stamps postmarked as shown by the above example. Received and backstamped in New Zealand 9-11 September, 2003.

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