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The "Gus W Darnell" is a Military Sea Transportation Service oil tanker and was the annual supply tanker chosen for the McMurdo fuel run for January 2002.

She arrived in McMurdo on the 23rd of January, 2002 and after discharging fuel departed for Lyttelton where she is shown above arriving in the early hours of 6th February, 2002 to discharge fuel and take on supplies.

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GUSDARNELL 1   2002 (January 23rd) Cover posted McMurdo Sound.   US$5

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GUSDARNELL 2   2002 (February 7th) Paquebot Cover posted Lyttelton.   US$5

Note: the "Gus W. Darnell" had arrived in Lyttleton on the 6th February but as this is a public holiday in New Zealand (called Waitangi Day) mail was not postmarked until the following day.

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This picture shows "Gus W. Darnell" alongside the Lyttelton Oil wharf on February 7th, 2002

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GUSDARNELL 3   2002 (February 7th) Paquebot Cover posted Lyttelton.   US$5

Note: This cover is franked with two Ross Dependency stamps which have been paquebot postmarked on arrival in Lyttelton.

"Gus W. Darnell" departed Lyttelton on February 7th, 2002 as shown at right.

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