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The following photos show the "Archangelgracht" in Lyttelton in February, 2001. This was her first visit to Lyttelton and her first American National Science Foundation charter as a supply ship for the US Antarctic Program.

These photos shows the vessels arrival from Melbourne, at dock in the inner harbour, on her trip to McMurdo base on Ross island in the Antarctic and on her return to Lyttelton to complete her first Antarctic supply trip. The photos taken during her Antarctic trip were kindly taken by her Captain or Master Pieter Kampstra and are exclusive to this web site.

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The "Archangelgracht" arrived off Lyttelton Heads on the 1st February, 2001 and anchored there while waiting for a berth. She is shown at left with two cranes spread wide to aid balance while her engineer was pumping fuel and ballast between tanks.


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This view shows "Archangelgracht" entering the outer harbour on 2nd February, 2001 having just passed an outgoing container vessel.


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Proceeding up harbour


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Passing Church Bay and Diamond Harbour.


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Passing the Outer Mole


ArchInnerharb.jpg (48781 bytes)

Entering Lyttelton Inner Harbour with tug in attendence


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The above view shows her turning into her assigned berth with a tug in attendence

At right she gently comes alongside

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Securely berthed in the inner harbour


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Viewed from the hillside the "Archangelgracht" is seen in the middle of this panorama.


Archangelhillpic2.jpg (55760 bytes)

A closer view also taken from the hill


ArchangelFunnelpic.jpg (48067 bytes)

The "Archangelgracht" proudly wears her "Spliet" house colours on her funnel


The Holds of the vessels with their covers down and cranes aloft show the very clean lines of the "Archangelgracht" Archholds1.jpg (65869 bytes)


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The master of the "Archangelgracht" is Pieter Kampstra, a friendly 36 year old Dutchman shown here on his bridge.


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2nd Officer, Joost Willem Vermeer shown at the chart table behind the bridge.


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This view shows the gangway installed. The "Archangelgracht" left Lyttelton on the 9th February, 2001 bound for the Ross Sea and McMurdo.


Archtrippic1.jpg (61628 bytes)

Nearing the Ross Sea large tabular ice bergs are sighted


Archtrippic9.jpg (53935 bytes)

Another tabular berg.


Archtrippic2.jpg (52739 bytes)

Gradually the sea was filled with ice as "Archangelgracht" continued south


Archtrippic6.jpg (61690 bytes)

This type of old iceberg is called a "Growler"


Archtrippic7.jpg (70950 bytes)

Another old iceberg nearly submerged.


Archtrippic5.jpg (68572 bytes)

Eventually the Pack Ice was found just north of the Ross Sea entrance


Archtrippic4.jpg (61723 bytes)

Gingerly the "Archangelgracht" made its way through ice broken by the "Polar Sea".


Archtrippic17.jpg (82336 bytes)

Some older bergs are found amongst the pancake ice.


Archtrippic3.jpg (55517 bytes)

This ice was home to a number of seals shown on the floes above


Archtrippic10.jpg (66020 bytes)

The broken ice and cloud make for an interesting landscape


Archtrippic8.jpg (54054 bytes)

Late on 15th of February "Archangelgracht" was escorted around Ross Island and into McMurdo.


Archtrippic16.jpg (74142 bytes)

Moored against the ice wharf at McMurdo with the icebreaker "Polar Sea" nearly hidden behind the crane at right and the trans-Antarctic mountains visible in the far distance.


Archtrippic11.jpg (96644 bytes)

A view from Crater Hill with "Archangelgracht" moored at the ice wharf with McMurdo township at left and Observation Hill close behind.


Archtrippic19.jpg (76283 bytes)

Another view looking directly towards McMurdo township


Archtrippic15.jpg (62730 bytes)

A view taken from McMurdo back towards the "Archangelgracht".


Archtrippic12.jpg (66933 bytes)

A close up view of accomodation buildings in McMurdo.


Archtrippic13.jpg (75087 bytes)

A popular photo location in McMurdo at the signpost   overlooking the harbour.


Archtrippic14.jpg (54342 bytes)

A view taken from Observation Hill looking north.


Archtrippic20.jpg (75732 bytes)

After departure the "Archangelgracht" passed this splendid view of Mount Erebus.


Archtrippic21.jpg (69883 bytes)

Passing the face of a glacier in the Ross Sea on the voyage north.


Archtrippic18.jpg (69581 bytes)

Still in the Ross Sea with the trans-Antarctic mountains just visible in the distance.


Archtrippic22.jpg (53092 bytes)

Back in Lyttelton and safely berthed at Cashin Quay in the outer harbour on the 26th February, 2001.


A nice stern view of the "Archangelgracht" showing cleaerly the Amsterdam port of registry.

"Archangelgracht" proved to be a good ship for the Antarctic supply role without any major hassles so it is possible that she may be chartered for Antarctic supply trips in the future.

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