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The "Las Palmas" is a spanish Antarctic support vessel  built in 1978 in Satander, Spain. It was the vessel used for the first Spanish Antarctic Expedition in 1989-90 and for the following 2 seasons until replaced by the larger and newer "Hesperides".  It has again been used in recents season supporting both the Spanish and the Bulgarian Antarctic Programmes.

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LASPALMAS1   2001 (January 26th) cover from Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition         Price US$8.

Note: This cover has been autographed by Khristo Pimpirev, the leader of the Bulgarian Expedition. the tweo cachets are those of the vessel "Las Palmas". The cover was brought back from the Bulgarian Antarctic base "St. Kliment Ohridski" on the "Las Palmas" to Spain and then postmarked at Sofia in Bulgaria with the special Bulgarian Antarctic Mails postmark.

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The above photos show "Las Palmas"at Ushuaia in January 2003 after returning from her first trip to St. Kliment Ohridski (Bulgarian) and Gabriel De Castilla and Juan Carlos 1 (Spanish) Bases and before departing for her second trip. The Spanish bases rotate scientists in and out every 6 weeks during the 3 month austral season so this usually means three trips for Las Palmas.

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LASPALMAS 2   2003 (January 25th) cover Posted at Punta Arenas     Price US$4

The above cover was posted at Punta Arenas as the "Las Palmas" had gone there to pick up new supplies before returning to the Antarctic to collect expedition personnel.

The envelope is backstamped in Christchurch on 7th February, 2003.

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LASPALMAS 3   2004 Cover Postmarked at Deception Island Base.    Price US$8

Note: the above envelope was caried back to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands where it has been backstamped 22nd April, 2004 before being forwarded to New Zealand.

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LASPALMAS 4   2004 (April 16th) Cover Postmarked at Las Palmas, Canary Islands.   Price US$8

Note: Las Palmas in the Canary Islands is the first Spanish port of call for the expedition and the first chance for mail to be posted in the Spanish mail system. It is unusual and appropriate that the name of the port and the name of the vessel are the same.

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LASPALMAS 5   2004 (April 22nd) Cover Postmarked at Madrid.    Price US$5

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LASPALMAS 6   2004 (April 22nd) Cover Postmarked Paquebot at Madrid   Price US$8

Note: Unusually the above cover has been postmarked Paquebot on arrival back in Spain.

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