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The "Silver Shadow" is a 28,258 tons cruise liner operated by Silversea Cruises. It entered service in September 2000 and has since visited many parts of the world including Southern South America and New Zealand. She has 295 crew with Italian officers and can carry 382 passengers.

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SILVERSHADOW 1  2002 (December 9th) Envelope posted paquebot at Punta Arenas. Price US$5

Note: The above envelope bearing Argentine stamps has been posted paquebot in Punta Arenas in Southern Chile. Her last port of call had been Ushuaia in Argentina - hence the Argentine stamps.

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SILVERSHADOW 2  2002 (December 9th) Envelope posted at Punta Arenas. Price US$4

Note: This cover has been posted with Chile stamps.

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SILVERSHADOW 3  2002 (December 9th) Ships postcard posted at Punta Arenas. Price US$5

Note: The above postcard is an official postcard issued by Silversea Cruises.

The picture side which is shown at right has an impressive view of the vessel leaving port.

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SILVERSHADOW 4  2004 (January 30th) Ships postcard posted at Lyttelton. Price US$5

Note: The above postcard is the same official "Silver Shadow" ships postcard issued by Silversea Cruises as the previous postcard.

The view at right shows "Silver Shadow" berthed at Cashin Quay, Lyttelton on January 30th 2004.

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