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The Italian Cruise liner "Silver Cloud" visited Lyttelton on the 18th of January, 2001 during a New Zealand cruise. She was built in 1974 and is operated as a top end luxury vessel by Silversea Cruises. She has a 256 passenger capacity and on this visit was only carrying 170 mostly Italian passengers.  Her captain is Gennaro Arma. She also visited again on the 28th January 2001.

The ship's hotel manager Thomas Legner is shown at right on board "Silver Cloud" with his wife Melissa who also works on board as a cruise consultant.

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SILVER 1.      2001 (Jan 18) Cover with ships cachet at lower left posted at Christchurch.    Price US$3

Note: the cover has a Lyttelton Port company sticker on it at top left. The cover has been postmarked at Christchurch because Lyttelton does not have its own Post Office and all mail is processed in nearby Christchurch.

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